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    Telkom LIT Android media box - Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    Quite impressed with the Maverick.The software is smooth and the remote feels solid, the voice search is a nice bonus. The Rii is gonna gather dust for now.
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    2020 Takealot Vouchers Thread 2.0 (Everyone Welcome)

    Hi does anybody have a voucher for me please, perferably 250 off 550. Thank you
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    Telkom LIT Android media box - Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    A07 No voice search, comes with a Bluetooth dongle. We actually using a Rii i25 with it. Make it 850 and I will throw in the Rii
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    Vox VOIP for Home user - any good?

    I thought it is an add-on and not standalone. If that is true, then I will definitely be changing Isp's in the near future.
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    Vox VOIP for Home user - any good?

    I have been with Vox since 2018 when I went from Telkom to Vuma/Vox. While I had trouble with a refund on the Superfone option, I opted to go with my own handsets(Gigaset).I ported my telkom number over to them, no hassles fortunately. I must say I had no problems with the service regarding...
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    Trevor Noah slammed for suggesting Israel not defend itself: 'You're downplaying the trauma of millions'

    That is a bit disingenuous don't you think. This whole round started because of the settlers displacing Palestinians out of their homes, specifically Sheikh Jarrah. And they keep on doing it, and that is the reason this will never stop.
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    Travel to Egypy - Cairo,Alexandria and Sharm El-Shaikh

    My brother, his wife, her sister and hubby went to Zanzibar. Mid February. All tourist attractions were open with fairly relaxed covid restrictions. Besides the mandatory test upon entering and exiting. He was highly impressed. Been to Egypt 2 years ago Alexandria, lovely beaches and weather...
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    Canceling MTN Contract

    Hi, I know this is a bit of a necro but I have the same issue/s. Has anybody had a contract complete and then they still charge the same amount. Called them yesterday and they said I took out a Sim only contract, while I am telling the agent I am calling from the phone that came with the...
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    Traffic fine - non-admission of guilt - no summons? Any lawyers around?

    Just make sure when your wife appear, that you have enough cash to pay on the day. If you can't, they will keep her.
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    Free Vumatel fibre speed upgrades

    50 to 100 done, happened sometime during the day. Vox isp Cape Town, Belthorn estate
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    Huawei Free Service Days

    Was there on Saturday (Canal walk) and they said it is starting Thursday.
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    Where to buy hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid?

    Protea chemicals sells to the public. They have bulk.