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    This is the average life expectancy in South Africa right now

    Wow, the one thing not following the trend in South Africa..
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    Tesla ‘very close’ to developing fully autonomous vehicles: Musk

    This. It'll never fly under our taxi industry..
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    Zondo Commision costs reach R365 Million

    Haibo, you can't say 'these people' or 'their terrorists' anymore, the ethnically-nicknamed one will jump on your case and start calling you all sorts of names for assuming his ethnicity and ****.
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    Eskom heaps more misery on SA as load shedding returns

    Load shedding + load rotation. You didn't seriously think things will improve, did you? LOL
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    Samsung to sell smartphones without chargers in the box - Report

    Shrinkflation, everyone's doing it why not mobile phone companies too? If it bothers you buy Xiaomi, much better value for the same functionality, else live with it since you're part of the problem.
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    'ISIS' warns SA: Steer clear of Mozambique conflict

    Nope, but I don't have to in order to know which side you're on, the ANC's terrorist history is well documented.
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    'ISIS' warns SA: Steer clear of Mozambique conflict

    Cos they're bloody well not mine..
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    South Africa plans to pilot e-voting

    Lol the ANC's only ever interested in streamlining anything if they might score from it, the rest (or even acting like a government at all) is nah fam not my problem..
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    'ISIS' warns SA: Steer clear of Mozambique conflict

    Is it really any worse than setting a live person alight with petrol & a tyre? So easy to point when your own terrorists have done exactly the same.
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    Joburg city councillors want to give themselves ‘outrageous’ increases

    Maybe if I show it to you using pictures like above it'll start to make sense.. Or if you still think the DA controls the police force, you are welcome to show us proof..
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes: Who owns your body?

    Exactly! NDZ & ANC stay out of my vagina!!
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    Many more magazines shutting down, including Men's Health and Bicycling

    Are you gay or what? Reading articles in a tiddy mag.. lol!
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    Spar joins the fight against South Africa’s cigarette ban

    I still think this woman would've made the best president after the Zumanado was deflected..
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    Are you liable for child support if marrying a woman with kids and divorcing later?

    Smokey was just lucky his ex-wife is the reasonable kind.. Long story but mine tried to ruin my life afterwards & to this day I cannot get rid of her. She basically worms her way into every family meeting and get-together since she's best buds with my sister-in-law. I bluffed her once that if...