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    The best photo editing app for iPhone 5 .

    I see piclab is quite popular by my friends on FB, will try it but dont have any free space left.
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    VLC for iOS returns on July 19

    Whats the point of having it?:o
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    Cant search apps in appstore

    Working now, not sure what the problem was.
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    Cant search apps in appstore

    Found a few complaints on Google, seems to be a common problem with no true solution, stupid iPhone, first time you let me down. Oh well.
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    Cant search apps in appstore

    Nope, neither wifi or 3G allows me to search.
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    Cant search apps in appstore

    Im able to download app updates but the search function doesnt bring up any results regardless of what I search for? What could be the problem?
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    iOS6.1.2 is out!

    Updated at 10am with 77% battery, following OP trial, emails, couple calls, 67% battery now.(3G) Not too bad.
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    iOS6.1.2 is out!

    Yay, needed this!
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    LTE enabled on iPhone 5 for Vodacom via carrier update

    Must you enable LTE on your simcard?
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    AppStore watch: New & Sale items

    Whats the next best app to Tapatalk?
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    iPhone picture sorting

    Nope, I basically want to see all my holiday pics.
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    iPhone picture sorting

    So im trying to sort out my holiday pics from the downloaded pics on my iPhone. I have roughly 1000 downloaded pics and 1000 pics ive taken with the camera. After backing up all my pics, I noticed all the pics are labelled with the same tags, "IMG001, IMG0002 etc" Is there a better way of...
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    Iphone 4S Early morning data usage

    My theory is that it's the email. My whole months usage only shows about 35 connections, if I'm sending and receiving mail all day, each connection should be shown? Perhaps the email server processes the mail in bulk every morning at 5?