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    Do you take your annual leave in December?

    Man, I miss December holidays. Always had 2 weeks in December from 2002 to 2010. From 2011 I take 2 weeks in July or August.
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    Mortymoose's Weber & Buitebraai Offerings to the HO's Gods! - Waiter!There's a Condom in my Soup!

    Care to educate someone who never braai on gas why I should buy this? Is it the ease of use, taste, what is the draw card? TIA.
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    Possibly a few shares on Black Friday deals. Bought CLH at under R 4.00. What are you looking at?
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    Paid off car early, getting spammed

    Answer the phone, ask where they got your number, ask them to remove your name and number from their database.
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    POCO smartphones – Now available on Takealot

    Why would you go for the X3 GT and not the X3 Pro? Thanks.
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    Any thoughts on Raubex?
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    David Shapiro on Renergen - I see Renergen up 15% today on announcement of increased helium reserves. Company now valued at R5bn. I just looked at their recent financials for 6mths to Aug21. Scary stuff. Have debt of R500m and no income - yet. And equity value of R289m. Market may be running...
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    Big Sports Weekend

    Man up lad. You just don't miss F1.
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    Toyota Venture

    The Proteas loves a choke.
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    Discovery Insure - The other side

    How good are they at paying out claims?
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    POCO smartphones – Now available on Takealot

    Any long term owners care to give feedback?