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    Anyone have FSRM with blocking list enabled on their servers? Have you had any issues
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    Actress Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, dies aged 57

    RIP, one of the prettiest actresses out there.
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    The PC Build Thread

    Damn, R1500 for 16gb ram and i7 3770, would of made my morning.
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    The PC Build Thread

    Question: I have this mother board - Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. P55A-UD3R (Socket 1156) Guy is selling an i7 3770 (lga1155) will it fit?
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    Mimecast Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    This The state of the world in 2020 is unlike anything we have experienced before, and it’s trickled down to have an impact on the IT and security world. Download this report to understand the most pervasive threats and how they attack organizations at their email perimeters, from inside the...
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    Zimbabwe VP blames colonisers for not teaching locals how to run economy

    When last where you in Zim, whats it like on the ground, are the people still supportive of Zanu or scared?
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    Are you back in the office, or are you still working from home?

    Luckily still working from home, feel more productive, eat better, no travelling and road rage, boss wants us all back soon not sure why as we already have had covid infections in the office. Unfortunately some staff abused the work from home, could never get hold of them, no airtime but you...
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    Monitor internet usage

    Currently using Nethogs to monitor live internet usage for our staff on our fibre line, I have to putty in to check on it. Is there anyway to get it to display outside of putty, maybe in a web browser?
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    UN pleads for R2.8bn in support for hunger-stricken Zimbabwe, as bread price rises 20-fold in 6 months

    It's just never ending on this continent, I remember the Feed the world (Africa) program where they where going to change everything Bob Geldoff, Bono , band aid programs etc. The Nat geo pictures of swollen bellied children. The people harassing you outside train stations in UK for handouts for...
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    Soweto welfare centre struggling to help orphans after robbery

    Same story at Child Welfare, I setup 4 old laptops we no longer used at work for the kids and they where stolen 2 weeks later, the vehicle they received from lotto funds was also stolen. A lady and her husband house kids from child welfare, last time I was there she told me she woke up one...
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    Big Giveaway- Enter Now

    RED Professional+ Unlimited Minutes 10GB Data PM Unlimited SMS R 2999 PMx24 Includes: Galaxy Tab S6 64GB + Keyboard Cover Additional 30GB + MyMeg500 + Business Internet LTE 50GB Anytime + 50GB Night Owl
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    Discovery Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Typically, the more risk you take, the better your return – but also the higher the risk of loss. Investing offshore is typically associated with better returns, but also with a higher risk of loss.
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    Do we really need a Server OS just for fileserver SMB shares?

    Server 2019 , if I connect via console, spice, RDP, Teamviewer all horribly sluggish and have tried numerous prox settings and Virtio drivers, kvm guest drivers helped but after a couple hours the server slows again. Tried different graphics options but no luck, annoying, Server 2012, 2016 are...
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    Do we really need a Server OS just for fileserver SMB shares?

    For some reason Server 2019 on Proxmox VM is not fast at all, I'm sure SSD would improve that but that's pricey at this point. Followed the Proxmox best practices from their website.