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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    Still down in Slummies
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    Plex launches new desktop app, exits the Windows Store and kills HTPC support

    So basically this is for people who have their HTPC connected directly to their TV's?
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    Best TV Box

    Some more tips:
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    Best TV Box

    For those that have issues with Plex Transcoding and the Not enough bandwidth popup. Seem's Plex is happiest with .mp4 and aac formats and has trouble with some mkv and ac3 audio. This guys script will make your video collection behave better with Plex, I have run it on multiple items that...
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    Malema appears to fire what looks like an assault rifle during EFF after party

    Can you imagine the damage his supporters will do if he goes to jail!
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    Telkom East London down

    Any ideas what the issue was, seems fine now here in KWT.
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    What is the best gadget you have ever bought?

    iPad Air 2 - use it everyday
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    UN launches Zimbabwe aid appeal as hunger stalks millions

    If they pump food aid into the country they will have to pump food aid in for eternity, it still doesnt solve the problem , maybe they should rather show them how to fish and not eat what other's have caught.
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    Mugabe in Singapore hospital since April: president

    A case of do as I say but not as I do.
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    Criminals now even stripping bridges

    We going to end up looking like the countries up north with little to no infrastructure anymore, in the town I currently work they are even stealing the blocks they place below the bridge pillars. Back home they chop up the tar roads , melt it and fix the holes in their shacks.
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    Downloading DASH videos by JW player with browser extension?

    youtube-dl handles many logins with providers. youtube-dl.exe --ap-list-mso There are also some chrome hls/dash downloaders like videodownloadhelper TVdownloader is a nice gui of youtube-dl with login to some sites
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    Mass exodus of young teachers from South Africa

    Yip, I know of 4 teachers that have left, my son's current teacher is off to NZ soon.
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    Best TV Box

    I think you can run it off usb as well -