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    Cloning SSD Boot Drive to M.2 NVME

    If either of the drives are WD, then you can use Acronis True Image WD edition for free:
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    Suger cane juice Extractor

    There are these, but I doubt they'll be in your price range.
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    Opinion of New Website

    You should consider getting a plugin so you can make it look not like plain Opencart. Something like this: An out of stock plugin is also recommended because there is nothing worse than adding an item and only finding...
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    A Good PHP & MySQL Programming Book?

    Heaps of books available for free download here:
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    Hetzner re-brand

    They probably chose the name because it was the only word they could think of where the domain name was available in .com.
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    VOX Supafone feedback

    You'll probably be better off taking one of their Vobi options and buying your own phone. Their VOIP service itself works well.
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    ISP provided VOIP Service on Cell-phones

    You can definitely do that. There are a few apps that can do that including the Vox Vobi app:
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    Ways to upgrade Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop

    You can have two different sizes of memory.
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    Wireless HDMI

    Here's one:
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    Who is currently the best online PC Parts store in SA now?

    I contacted wootware about this today. To clarify, the price on the link was R83. They eventually replied with an answer that it was for a single unit. They also did change the price to R7...
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    I don't see it cheaper at Builders: The ODO price is for a pack of 4. The only thing is these don't have the 2 point with earth socket.
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    Who is currently the best online PC Parts store in SA now?

    Am I missing something here or is this what an RJ45 connector costs these days? What is the difference between a cat5 and cat6 connector?
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    Changing routers for better Wifi connection?

    I've got exactly the same CPE as in the OP's photo as well as the Vuma/Vox connection, so it might work for him too.