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    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    All is forgiven. The printer arrived late this afternoon. Still no email from the shop though.
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    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    I tried to buy it from Makro first for R95 less Problem is it's an online only product and they wanted R2100 delivery fee for a R4600 printer!
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    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    I wish I had seen this thread last week before I ordered a printer from them. Trying to find out my tracking number is a mission. They just say that it should arrive today or tomorrow. I just need to know for sure so that I can be at home for the purported delivery. They don't respond to emails...
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    Cloning SSD Boot Drive to M.2 NVME

    If either of the drives are WD, then you can use Acronis True Image WD edition for free:
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    Suger cane juice Extractor

    There are these, but I doubt they'll be in your price range.
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    Opinion of New Website

    You should consider getting a plugin so you can make it look not like plain Opencart. Something like this: An out of stock plugin is also recommended because there is nothing worse than adding an item and only finding...
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    A Good PHP & MySQL Programming Book?

    Heaps of books available for free download here:
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    Hetzner re-brand

    They probably chose the name because it was the only word they could think of where the domain name was available in .com.
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    VOX Supafone feedback

    You'll probably be better off taking one of their Vobi options and buying your own phone. Their VOIP service itself works well.
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    ISP provided VOIP Service on Cell-phones

    You can definitely do that. There are a few apps that can do that including the Vox Vobi app:
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    Ways to upgrade Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop

    You can have two different sizes of memory.
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    Wireless HDMI

    Here's one: