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    Vox: International Streaming + Buffering

    DDoS directed at Vox or what are you on about? Cause it aint a Twitch issue. If I change ISP accounts, everything is 100% fine. Only have the issue with Vox
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    Vox: International Streaming + Buffering

    I'm in CPT. Doing a speedtest to Vox London looks like this... If I test to local Vox, I get my 40/20.
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    Vox: International Streaming + Buffering

    Anyone else been experiencing issues with streaming from international sources such as twitch? Been specifically bad this week. Doing the the usual speedtests etc locally all appears fine get my 40/20 as per my line and latency < 3ms. However I can't even stream a 6mbps twitch stream without it...
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    RAGE - Transporting your PC

    Hello Curious for those of us unfortunate Cape Town folks, what are you doing in terms of transporting your PC to RAGE 2017? The idea of putting my relatively new MasterCase Maker 5 (roughly 18KG in total. never planned to take the PC out of the house tbh) in cargo hold of a plane is not...
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    Overwatch Competitive S3

    I'm curious if anyone else is interested in perhaps forming a team to play "casual competitive"? By that I mean have some mild form of structure and times to practice and play competitive on a regular basis. Not meant to be super serious. I just found in S2, being still relatively new to the...
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    Royal Ascot Fibre (Milnerton, Cape Town)

    To all the residents of Royal Ascot in Milnerton Cape Town. Please head over to and do your part. :)