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    Does a ban on booze help?

    At most it could have been justified as a short term method to ease the pressure in hospitals to enable government (if they were halfway competent) to implement emergency measures. Government incompetence, general corruption, lack of law enforcement and functioning judiciary can not be fixed by...
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    New gun and self defence rules will reduce crime in South Africa: Cele

    Worked in 2015 and 2018 to stop the same amendments; that is why the skelms at SAPS skipped the stakeholder participation process on drafting this round. They can choose to ignore it but places like DearSA is keeping track of submission throgh their platform and this opens a legal case to get...
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    New gun and self defence rules will reduce crime in South Africa: Cele

    Just making another point, with this new bill it is making it hard and extremely expensive for security companies to keep their personnel armed. So if this is allowed to pass your security that shows up will most likely be armed with a pepperspray, rape whistle and cellphone to call SAPS.
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    New gun and self defence rules will reduce crime in South Africa: Cele

    The staffy on the left side or the golden retriever on the right ... have petted them both through the fence and have taken them home when they got out. Much more afraid of the neighbour on the left, she looks like a bulldog with rabies and has some serious bipolar issues. Seriously though...
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    New gun and self defence rules will reduce crime in South Africa: Cele

    Also we socialize our dogs as pets since we do not want them to attack us, our children or friends and family visiting. Then we expect them to magically disregard years of social conditioning when the bad men show up.
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    New gun and self defence rules will reduce crime in South Africa: Cele

    Wish journalists would do not just a little bit of research before interviewing and just nail this fool on his own lies. Again he spouts the absolute lie that there was stakeholder input, in the amendments themselves he stated "all participants at the Firearms Summit was presented with the...
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    How quickly can Cool Ideas activate my line.

    Also switching today (not to cool ideas) Wow what a headache can not believe it is such a manual process on VT's side. Seems VT is holding up migrations today by not spending out (via f...king email) the configuration details to the ISPs after they migrated the line to the new ISP. Do not...
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    How to find your marriage status online?

    SMS service offline (still looks like you get charged the R1) Call centre number not working for at least 2 weeks FFS, tell me again why we can;t call this a shithole country? At least where government is concerned.
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    Telkom customer blacklisted after failing to pay cancelled account

    Well just found that it seems I have joined the Telkom blacklist club. Clearly zero of the legal procedure was followed by Telkom. Problem is I can not lodge a dispute with any of the credit bureau since my ID number is already coupled to other peoples accounts (seems like fraud or something...
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    C-fibre (Cell C) network completely buggered

    So it seems again that all international traffic on the Cell C network is seriously nerfed. Local speedtests are fine with low pings and full line speed but international speeds have been degrading since this afternoon and have now slowed to 900kbps crawl with 1000ms+ pings. Wonder if Cell C...
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    Cell C Fibre any good?

    Stay far away from Cfibre. Customer service which has been horrible form day 1; for the ISP service it was running smoothly for 6 months then the cracks started showing. Plenty posts on customer service sites will show you this. Their international service provider is congested and lately the...
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    Lightspeed/Cybersmart very slow speeds to the United States

    Got a Lightspeed 20Mbps FTTB installed at the office a little more than a month ago and have been pulling my hair out of frustration from the start. Connections within South Africa, UK and EU perform wonderfully speed and latency right on the money. Any connections to the US however have...