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    Is LG C1 the best?

    Cause no one actually reads whats on the box and for the price show me whats better ...

    Favourite pizza place and best flavour

    colcachios for me was very good but pizza places have dropped the filling these days and more bread but a good woodfired pizza straight out the oven is a winner

    I’m a food lover and you don’t need an air fryer if you have an oven – a little known setting will transform your meals

    i use a weber for my chicken 1 and half hour later and you got the best chicken ever

    Xbox Series X / S

    yes it was cant test now cos there is a 4gb update

    Xbox Series X / S

    so im playing fifa 22 and i get a unable to access EA server issue other games and net works fine anyone else have or had the issue

    Undermining Your SO in public

    kama sutra he is good at it dont ask me how i know

    Plasma or LED TV

    if you can up your budget a little

    What's for supper - Second Course

    butter is kinda yellow ...butter chicken is normally yellow i have eaten different variants ...i ate at a bombay to beirut in durban once which had a reddish orangish sweetish butter chicken which was very good

    Let's talk Cologne

    im sure someone will maybe want it

    Let's talk Cologne

    yeah i had the blue label was quite nice ..

    Let's talk Cologne

    what do you have and where but the issue is how do we know its genuine

    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    all i know is i bought a 65" hisense for 10k does what i need and good for me one day i can get that 85" ..must be so good but then i will need a bigger wall

    Is LG C1 the best?

    is it the same tv cos thats a good price

    What's for breakfast?

    could have put the boobs on the top and pie at the bottom ..but what do you know ask @Kornhub for tips please