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    Samsung Galaxy S10 – Major details leaked in TV advert

    I guess you didn't see the part in the article stated where it stated "the top range S10 is likely to cost more than the iGadet Max"
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    How DStv was started in a caravan

    Ah yes, the good old days. I rember subscribing to M-NET for the princely sum of R36 p/m.
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    How DStv was started in a caravan

    Wonder no more. DSTv articles are a given, a staple of MyBB.
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    We are not getting rid of white engineers - Eskom

    Eskom is just feigning ignorance. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Laying off staff to try help them get back on track is the 1st place and most logical place to start, but you don't get rid of experienced, skilled engineers that are an asset to the company, you get rid of the...
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    Big petrol price increase coming – AA

    The UK. Southampton to be exact. I have all my family already there.
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    Eskom wants to get rid of white engineers and managers

    I'm pleased to see that they're not discriminating or anything like that, heaven forbid that the ANC is nothing but a sewer of crooked, thieving, racist, corrupt and idiots.
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    Big petrol price increase coming – AA

    We expect and deserve no less simply because of our gross negligence and stupidity by allowing that dirty, unscrupulous ANC cesspool of a political party to stay in power. Anyway, I couldn't care any less anymore, very soon I am outta here and they, along with their sticky, corrupt and greedy...
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    Eskom workers go on strike

    Committing treason against a country like South Africa and it's ruling party should be commended, not punished.
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    Why giving tablets to every South African school kid is a dumb idea

    Never "ASSUME" things and take them for granted. All you achieve is making an "ASS" of "U" not "ME". Not only did I matriculate back in the 70's, I went on to obtain degrees in electrical engineering, both light and heavy current. Your comments makes it sound like kindergarten (nursery school)...
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    Why giving tablets to every South African school kid is a dumb idea

    Good old fashioned pencil, paper and a bit of arithmetic understanding does the job just as well, only not as fast.
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    Why giving tablets to every South African school kid is a dumb idea

    Tablets and laptop computers??? Back in my time, having a slide ruler and logarithm book was a major advantage to have over those who didn't. Pocket calculators were expressly forbidden to use during exams.
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    Driving licence demerit system approved for South Africa

    It looks like you're forgetting that this is Africa. The cops on this continent don't have to set the example and enforce the law, they are above the law. Be careful about flipping them the bird too, because you will quickly find yourself out of pocket with all the palm greasing you'll have to...
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    Google upgrades Gmail right-click menu

    Maybe Linux, Unix etc. users will have to cool their heels for a while longer but fortunately (unfortunately) most users are Windows/Apple thingamagig users.
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    Corsair One i160 - The ultimate gaming PC

    Yeah, it ain't easy.