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    Router Battery Backup

    WoW impressive, thank you for the update. That unit is a beast :love:
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    Router Battery Backup

    How is the battery holding up? Any indication on how long it will last with that load? Looking at getting the ultralan as well
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    Router Battery Backup

    2x Ratel or a single Ultralan 60w, any recommendations? Or are these overkill? I am looking at powering the ONT 12v and the router 9v The ONT manual says 7W peak power (12v 1A adapter) The router has a 9v 0.6A adapter so 5.4W
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    Mind the speed ISP

    Yep, had exactly the same issues with the Zyxel they provided. Bought different router and that sorted out my wifi problems. Not a fan of the Zyxel at all.
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    MindTheSpeed Free Router

    Just checked and indeed the default admin isn't valid even after a reset. I managed to get in by doing the following though. Unplugged the WAN and did a reset to defaults with the reset hole on the back. Without the WAN I logged in with default admin and created another admin account...
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