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    WTF is going on at link africa?

    All they needed to do was play open cards, instead they opted to be deceitful which needlessly complicated the process. I should add for context: All of the calls received came from mobile numbers. Back in Feb when I got the first call they could not tell me who my ISP is or what speed my line...
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    WTF is going on at link africa?

    stuff is not broken, the scum switched it off to force access. Again, <10m of cable does not require extensive maintenance. I have no issues with maintenance, what I do have an issue with is a company that is not truthful in their interactions with customers.
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    Huge Group takes down videos related to Adapt IT offers

    But the video is still up?
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    WTF is going on at link africa?

    I am fascinated to learn more about the extensive maintenance that can be carried out on the <10m of fibre optic cable inside my premises. I think the ISPs serving the few hundred retail stores of my employer could definitely benefit from this knowledge as they don't currently conduct...
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    WTF is going on at link africa?

    missed this thanks for sharing, scumbag move regardless
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    WTF is going on at link africa?

    every 2 months, I think not
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    WTF is going on at link africa?

    Following up on this: They eventually did their inspection, 2 months later they call asking for another. Told them nope. Today I get a notification that my fibre is down, check the cameras and someone is at the...
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    Best paid tech CEOs in South Africa

    Why hide behind the staff writer account when posting opinion pieces?
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    How Everyshop's prices compare to Takealot and other stores

    MASSIVE comparison! Hope the team at mybb gets some rest after breaking their backs putting out this fine piece of content.
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    Takealot is under siege

    Click bait much?
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    Takealot competitor Everyshop launches

    nothing wrong with that, likely has workflow behind it to speed up the process.
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    Most important features of a smart TV box

    Safe to assume that nothing is posted without some incentive these days.
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    Exchange Server exploits #hafnium

    In typical mybb fashion the editors are too busy copying and pasting rubbish to report on actual technology news so I figured I would share. Vulnerabilities have been disclosed that affects Exchange Server, the internet is freaking out as these are pretty serious. the TL;DR Patches are out...
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    Samsung IPX-S300B price

    Looking for someone who can give me a comparative quote on a Samsung IPX-S300B, anyone have a recommended Samsung reseller they can point me towards?