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    Rules of wearing a mask while driving

    What, do people still wear masks? (I only see people wearing a chin strap of sorts, but covering your mouth and nose is long gone)
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    Drivers license renewal

    Ah ok cool thanks My passport also expired, and my ID went through the wash and destroyed completely, so the only ID I have is an expired passport and expired drivers, going to be a mission sorting everything out
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    Drivers license renewal

    So in order to renew my license I need proof of residence. Don't have water/electricity bill. Have been trying to get hold of someone at the traffic department but phones just rings. Should I take the renal contract to the police station to get it stamped and try and use that? Don't want to...
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    Designing a VLAN network

    Jip, easier with a firewall, but once you get used to configuring acl's then that's also easy. Only thing about a firewall doing it means the firewall needs to be a beefy device. I setup a Fortigate 60E (Entry level device) at a branch with 12 vlans, but in the end moved them over to a L3...
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    Designing a VLAN network

    Also that's not overkill, I would add more vlans for management purposes as well. Take the controller and AP's for instance. Their IP's should be in it's own "management" vlan as well. You could split servers up even further, depending on: Physical servers, or Virtual? Hypervisor managment...
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    Designing a VLAN network

    Correct, default vlan 1 is the untagged vlan, don't use it, you will never be able to tag it with any vlan ID
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    South Africa’s TERS coronavirus funding extended

    Yeah got one payment from April, still waiting for 3 more....
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Nope, they are criminal scum.
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    Zimbabwe says foreign white farmers can apply to get back seized land

    They (current farmers) call apply to lease their farms, that's no where near good enough, just give it back
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    Experian South Africa seeking criminal charges against fraudster over major data breach

    They will obviously not do a credit check, but if criminals apply for a loan with your details a credit check would be run and you would be notified....
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    The new tax and emigration change South Africans should know about

    So if I quit my job now (or get retrenched) I would still be able to withdraw it and see if I can get it the fark out of here? The crap is going to hit the fan soon, well, it already has but big kak is on the way for this country.
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    Connect 200 Devices To A Wi-Fi Network

    The 100Mb will not be an issue, then again depends on what it will be used for, but one AP will not work. You would need 2 or more AP's, split users across 2.4 and 5Ghz on each as well. Just because the documentation says it can support up to 200 connections does not mean any of those 200 uses...
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    Home network with wifi AP's setup reccomendations

    Rather take a 4x4 capable device if you want to future proof
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    Man tied up and beaten, wife and daughters raped in house robbery

    On page one you replied to the post where he asked why kill and rape, and that was your answer lol