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    New MacBook Pro launched — It's ports galore

    No problem with a notch, if not for a notch there would be no Minecraft.
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    Netflix versus Showmax in SA —pricing showdown

    Showmax should rebrand to ShowWithMaximumBuffering
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    Netflix versus Showmax in SA —pricing showdown

    Oh, so SA then.
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    New MacBook Pro launched — It's ports galore

    Kinda excited for it to drop, but I'd rather see the next gen of iMac 27" hit the shelves.
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    Have you fallen victim to a scam in 2021?

    Not from the normal scammers, but yes, I get scammed once a month when I pay my income tax.
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    Mavic Air OR Mavic Mini

    Jirre, I zumed so hard I now have a property with a fire pool for sale, to cover my medical (cough) costs. Proof is lower down. But seriously, is there something to do with trig and geometry that gives you a formula for the question being asked? Cause I can't a fokken honest ANC MP see it...
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    God how I loved Dune.
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Is it just me or are the games becoming... well a bit tiresome, nothing really stands out, makes me (at least) want to or absolutely HAVE to get it. It's like I'm transitioning into that area where it makes more sense to just buy on sales, stuff like Horizon Zero dawn, Squadron etc.
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    What do you look for in a phone?

    Battery life. I'm on iOS / macOS with almost everything but my gaming computer and a media box at home, so brand, for Other I'd say durability / water resistance. Hoping this model I have will last me (with a battery replacement) some 5 years (which my older iPhone 6 plus actually did). Oh and...
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    Mavic Air OR Mavic Mini

    Wow, you get a lot from just one "."
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    JUST IN | Arthur Fraser admits board did not approve medical parole for Zuma

    Yeah, I mean I've booked a ticket into orbit, to wait the next 100 years for either FTL or anti-ageing treatments to be developed so that I can either take the Enterprise or a slower "generational" ship to the ****ing edge of the our galaxy, where I am sure I will find my complete surprise...
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    Hackers nab data from South African National Space Agency FTP server, post it online

    It did say the data taken wasn't sensitive. So I suppose the info about that UFO they shot down with a laser back in the day is still safe and sound at area Siggisty Nine.
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    10-year-old dies after being struck by lightning while walking to school

    I believe that part was meant as a joke. And the rest to not make light of the death of a 10 y.o.
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    Should teens be able to go against the wishes of "vaccine hesitant" parents?

    I would normally say it is up to the parents, but in this case I feel they should be allowed to make that choice. And that choice, should work both ways. If the parents want to go, but teen doesn't, then they don't get the jab. Finish en klaar. As for the parents, you think an adult can always...