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    New World Giveaway

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    Do you find the Wish / SAPO "strategic partnership" reassuring?

    Tracking of Wish parcels stop when it hits our shores. Having the ability to track it until I can go pick it up will save me a lot of stress.
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    If you left South Africa where would you go?

    I am still looking for sponsored jobs in NZ.
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    NEW - ONE-DAY Giveaway - R1,000 up for grabs for one lucky winner

    Pay for that unexpected medical expenses <-- True Story
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    Test your broadband speed - win prizes worth R25,000

    I had trouble getting it in time.
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    COVID-19 memes (including @Coronachan)

    Santa will be driving the Takealot truck again this year...
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    What do Openserve Fibre Aerial Boxes look like.

    Yes, they are rolling out by us, 2 blocks at a time. Been going on for the last 2 years now.
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    MTN Business ONE DAY Promotion - Enter here

    30GB for R199 is cheap!
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    M.2 SSD screw

    I tell you, its bad. These tiny screws are like nothing else in the computer or laptop cases. And no, the OEM do not supply spare screws.