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    The government is willing to “ban” the Internet to stop online gambling

    Apologies... My troll-fu was weak. The article makes clear that this is a second-party characterisation by Ghaleb Cachalia. For the full context, here are the recordings of three Parliamentary Committee meetings that are good places to start looking:
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    The government is willing to “ban” the Internet to stop online gambling

    "Gaming" is the euphemism the gambling industry uses for itself.
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    Why Ster-Kinekor sold its PlayStation division

    Sorry, from these comments I clearly didn't articulate well (or none of you read the whole article). Primedia no longer owns any stake in either of these business units. They have therefore been sold off. The amount is undisclosed so it is possible, of course, that it is a kind of deal where...
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    America's new supercomputer which simulates nuclear war

    Came into the thread to post Wargames references. You guys make me so happy.
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    Makro's Newegg "partnership" was a local seller misusing the company's name

    When we ask for comment we generally do it via e-mail. Sometimes the occasional phone call. For these articles we used e-mail.
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    Makro's Newegg "partnership" was a local seller misusing the company's name

    Hindsight is 20/20. This was handled as well as could reasonably be expected. We followed up on Newegg's name appearing on the Makro Marketplace by asking Makro directly. Makro confirmed that Newegg was a partner. In hindsight, the spokespeople clearly didn't really know who Newegg is. They...
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    Rudi Jansen - The man who gave South Africa affordable uncapped broadband

    I guess it depends on how you want to define "affordable" and "broadband". Was 256kbps broadband? Was R300 for it affordable? R300 was probably affordable, but even in 2010 we didn't really consider 256kbps broadband, regardless of what the ITU and ICASA tried to say. I agree with RPM's...
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    SAFACT shutting down amid management scandal

    I am not allowed to say any more on the other issues, but I can confirm that it was not rape. Still, the allegations were pretty disturbing.
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    Apple and Amazon deny report of tiny Chinese spy chip infiltrating US networks

    No their denials were extensive... The Big Hack: Statements From Amazon, Apple, Supermicro, and the Chinese Government: (But, yes. Larry Page also denied any knowledge of PRISM.) Amazon It’s untrue that AWS knew about a supply chain compromise, an issue with malicious chips, or hardware...
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    Comic Con South Africa was awesome – this is why I will definitely go again

    Noooo! I didn't even think of that option. *weeps*
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    Do you listen to podcasts?

    A bunch in my subscription feed, but these are the only ones I really make time to listen to: 99% Invisible Dear Hank & John Planet Money The Moth The Anthropocene Reviewed ID10T (is Chris Hardwick ever coming back?!) Some cool suggestions in this thread already that I'll take a listen to.
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    Here it is – the Act which will determine Vodacom and MTN’s future in South Africa

    Don't bring your optimism here. (Seriously though, the fuss is because the point of the process is to discuss the bill. Now is the time to make a fuss.)
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    Rolling Blackouts: Tuesday 12 May 2015 [Stage 2 from 4pm]

    Eskom load shedding update: 12 May The latest on load shedding from Eskom.
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    New Grade 9 exit-level exam and compulsory history in SA schools

    New Grade 9 exit-level exam for South Africa The Department of Basic Education wants to introduce a new school exit level certificate and compulsory history.