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    [KZN] SA Weather Service issues heavy rain warning

    49mm today so far for Hillcrest
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    [KZN] SA Weather Service issues heavy rain warning

    Afriski Mountain Resort (Lesotho) is reporting some light snow today (from their Facebook page)
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    [KZN] SA Weather Service issues heavy rain warning

    I think that was around 250mm over 2 or 3 days
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    Caption this with the last text you sent

    "I need to explain to management what is going on here"
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    Benoni golf club apologises after bar fight video goes viral

    NOBODY calls the Benoni boetie B-Division Club champ a cheat and gets away with it! NOBODY!
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    Woolworths scraps Valentine's campaign after outrage

    Lets threaten to boycott Woolworths if they don't bring back the ad immediately!
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    Polar vortex brings deadly cold snap to US states

    Here are the current temperatures in the most affected areas, still -40°C in a few places...
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    Police forced me to drink with hijackers - victim

    Did his wife buy his story though?
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    What snacks do you eat when gaming? ( On any platform ).

    Dagga and Lion Lager quarts mainly.
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    Advice: Debt collector

    I had a similar incident where I out of the blue received a call from a debt collector about an amount I owed a local hospital from a few years previously. I was pretty stunned as I had NO IDEA that I owed them anything. I was pretty angry because the amount due was now way higher than the...
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    Brandy lovers thread

    Its so cold...I want some brandy :(