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    Trillions of rand in Bitcoin locked away due to forgotten passwords

    No not at all because I would have probably dumped it on Mt.Gox who stole everyone's BTC. Could have razed a private army though. That would have been fun.
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    Trillions of rand in Bitcoin locked away due to forgotten passwords

    I also had between 3000-7000 BTC somewhere on a 40Gb harddrive when I "mined" for "shits and giggles" in 2009. Didn't make much of it back then because it was worthless. I had 10000 at some stage, people were just mining it as a joke and sending it around to each other on IRC. Especially on...
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    New WISP

    @John8 i've dropped you a PM. We managed a couple of small wisps and bigger security firm's surveillance networks in Worcester, Tulbach and Ceres. a Couple of them we've grown from scratch with the owner. The only fiber role player in Piketberg is Liquid Telecoms, so you're looking at R10 000pm...
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    People who lost money through MTI have been asked to join a claim against the scheme

    Funny since this firm has an alleged track record for not paying their own attorneys commission owed to them...
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    Sipho Maseko addresses Telkom's monopolistic past

    Yeah MYBB started off as an IRC channel called #MyADSL which was more of a channel for people to complain about Iburst and Telkom by rpm. I recall a couple of regs in there, Debbie, Greg (hellkom), etc Imaginet started an ADSL petiton site but that thing got SQL injected so bad by Qix, who I...
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    Makate makes "astonishing" claim in Please Call Me court case

    This fraudster is working on my tit muscles. He squandered money he didn't have and now plays the EFF game.
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    Investigation into Takealot's dominance

    And nobody says a word about Amazon and DHL basically buying out Polokwanes international Airport. With massive development planned, including a Amazon fullfilment warehouse for the southern Africa region. Amazon going to compete with the local market with Polokwane as their hub. Wtf going to...
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    What the new South African plug standard means for your old plugs

    At the going trend we will probably see news soon on how the old plug config is racist.
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    iSAT wants R21 billion damages payment from Dimension Data

    Nothing wrong running EOL open-source software, especially in the likes of openstack or ceph. If it works it works. You don't generally upgrade openstack for the sake of upgrading it even if you buy new hardware. These iSAT guys seem stupid. Haven't they ever heard of backups? Clearly if it...
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    WonderNet - Vumatel and Openserve prices

    Seacoms peering policy turned them/Macrolan to sh|t
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    The 76TB man – South Africa’s biggest bandwidth hog in the lockdown

    It's easy to do. Put your exchange ost file on a cloud drive like one drive. It will forever upload.
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    Naspers blocked from buying WeBuyCars

    Such good news!! I've spoken to a lot of 2nd hand dealers the last 1.5 years and they all brought up the topic how it will be their doom if Naspers owns WeBuyCars. Apparently WBC also contravene some or other dealer license. They cant be a wholesaler and dealer at the same time.
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    Apple launches new iPad Pro

    "faster than most windows pc's"... Provides no benchmarks. If you watch Louis Rossman on YouTube you will never buy any apple product ever again.
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    How South Africa's power users roll

    Power user: Still uses IRC for work [x]
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    Something odd is happening on Telkom's mobile network

    Telkom over MTN was a bliss. Now I can't even get signal at UCT on Telkom, keep on having to tell people to "whatsapp call me" over WiFi. I also constantly have to airplane and back my phone. I also think they do MAC based throttling. When I put an LTE simcard in a huawei router I get 50 Mbps...