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    OnePlus 8 T

    Moved to the UK a couple months ago and picked up an 8T for £415. Amazon has 'like new' offers where people open the box and change their mind so send it back. Loving it so far! Have installed the GCam app for the slight shortcomings in the camera department, but need to play around a little...
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    Anyone here use Currenciesdirect?

    I did this with Revolut 3 days ago. Sent a fair chunk of ZAR from FNB using the global payments feature to my Revolut ZAR account, which cost me R700 or so for the swift transfer (so I hadn't exchanged any currency at this point). ZAR arrived a day later. I upgraded my Revolut standard account...
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    Anyone here use Currenciesdirect?

    Are you able to open a Revolut account? You can open one of those, get a ZAR account which will have swift details to make payments to. Then make a swift ZAR payment from FNB for example (costs about R700), cash arrives a day or so later in Revolut, then you can exchange for £ at the market...
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    Huawei Watch GT (2019) Review

    Never wanted to receive notifications during a workout, so never even thought of it
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Devs need sleep too. Lol :p
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Anyone else hate the new app update which brings Instagram like stories to the top of the app, for advertising stuff. I mean, this is a banking app, not social media.. come on
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    Huawei Mate Xs - Fantastic Flagship Foldable.

    Awsome device! That price is eye watering! But I reckon in a few years time this will be more normal and prices will come down
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    Opening a UK bank account

    Have you tried Shyft? Don't have to be a Standard Bank customer. The spreads are fairly low and its 10GBP to send your pounds that you bought to a UK account
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    Huawei P40 / P40 Pro

    Just follow the steps in the video and it should work. Make sure the phone has been wiped beforehand though else it probably won't work
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Tweet them, they respond there
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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Mine still wrong.. Showing as 0 contribution for the year. Anyone else?