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    Mackerel are FRIGGING STANKY.

    try some dried Bombay duck next
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    Would another airport be good for Cape Town?

    Cape town airport is not busy enough. Why would we need another airport? What is needed is more mycity bus routes.
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    220v to 12v AC wiring

    Why couldn't u use a simple 12v DC power plug ? Can anyone tell me why is this so freaking expensive? A normal step down transformer shouldn't be this expensive. For ex this one is for r141
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    The plan to force South African ISPs to have black ownership

    How is the classification of races done on paper ? I mean if I am adopted by a black do I get a certificate saying I am black ?
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    Nearly screwed up badly...phew

    I dont have access to prod db. Any changes that I need to do has to go to my db admin through a CR
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    Close, but no cigar: Excise tax on cigarettes should have been increased by 50% [Op-Ed}

    Higher sin taxes work in countries where they can control the black/illegal market. Here in SA there is no check on illegal cigarettes. Instead of increasing taxes if they curb the sales of illegal cigarettes the tax revenue will automatically increase. But no, they just want to punish people...
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    Amazon Prime Video Subscription problems

    Is there anything worth watching on Amazon prime ?
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    Chilli sauce reviews

    @Revo Sauce recommend me something. I have a high tolerance for heat but flavour is important for me too. I DONT like even a hint of sweet in chilli sauce. Right now I only use nandos extra hot xx sauce as a chip-dip, eating a burger or kfc chicken etc. Some times I use it as pizza sauce too...
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    Car Aux question

    I had a look at this type of cable before. The car stereo needs to support USB through 3.5 mm jack. Most car stereo dont have this feature. This is what it says under description of these products "1.Not all the car with this interface can use this kind of cable. Some car AUX without decoding...
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    Anyone used

    I used them once before. But will say use udemy instead.
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    Paying more into my Wesbank loan

    I just paid into the account, they used to give me a rebate on the interest accrued on the principal amount.
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    Glue for Glass

    I was going to suggest the same. Search for "two part epoxy glue". Excellent for glass. Result will be ugly but strong, also cant say if its food grade.
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    How to reduce South Africa's mobile data prices by 50%

    Dont know about data rollover, but correct me if I am wrong - oob usage cant happen anymore, Customers need to purchase a data bundle to use internet
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    How to reduce South Africa's mobile data prices by 50%

    This "The easiest way to achieve this is to give them more spectrum and make it easier to roll out infrastructure" Atleast do the digital tv migration in major cities first.