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    Rain Unlimited Home 5G Basic service tested

    Thanks for clear review most people fail to give honest review because they hate rain, if UL can continue to be symmetrical then they will be few difference between FTTH and Home 5G Basic which means 5G won't feel like rip off
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    What Rain is doing to make sure its 5G network doesn't struggle like 4G

    Good news North West is part of rain 5G expansion with 3 towns now live
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    Rain's new 5G deals are much cheaper than Vodacom and MTN

    Check my thread Supersonic Air Fibre Speed tests and service reviews
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    DStv Flex - MultiChoice's plan for a configurable DStv Premium service

    If it was my call i Could be saying just upgrade Showmax Pro content to offer Sport Pack 1 content and keep price the same this will offer more innovation that add-on decoder model which is still expensive
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    Rain is profitable and on track to generate R1 billion EBITDA this year

    Rain must be doing something right with 5G that's why they got liver to mention FTTH, to be honest if rain can go neck on neck with FTTH coverage footprint 5G might be the first alternative Fixed broadband to FTTH. This means subscribers on both ends will win Excluding upload speeds rain 5G is...
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    Vodacom 5G launched in Kimberley

    Coverage map says otherwise
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    Netflix mobile data usage - MTN vs Vodacom

    This could be cheaper for us subscribers if only Netflix cared Vodacom used to have Netflix video streaming support under Video Ticket but Netflix and Vodacom partnership agreement broke Telkom used to have Netflix video streaming support under LIT Video but now is not possible because of...
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    Supersonic Air Fibre Speed tests and service reviews

    Based on this speed tests ping is good DL is not excellent but not bad UL is good
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    Supersonic Air Fibre Speed tests and service reviews

    Good to hear don't forget few speed test update ❤️
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    Vodacom launches Sports Radio

    Great innovation but I suspect it won't have millions Listener's per month because people enjoy visuals but I believe this might work if marketed everywhere may include two additional South African languages commentary
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    MTN 5G network expands to more cities and towns

    So this is where MTN was planning to roll out so called "Air Fibre" ka June, anyway why MTN is connecting only neighborhood's which already have FTTH to 5G? If you compare this expansion coverage to FTTH from FNO's coverage you will identify that MTN 5G is having slightly more footprint in same...
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    Broadcasting and mobile network spectrum must be privatised — FMF

    I don't support this just imagine if liquid telecom had permanent 4G spectrum all this year's it could be useless to the industry while others need it ASAP
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    US will help fund DFA fibre rollout study in South Africa

    Yes I know DFA and Vumatel is owned/whatever by same parent company hence I mentioned "last mile connection by Vumareach" About Broadband Infraco they hand picked certain municipalities under SA Connect to connect first so their infrastructure is way too limited, I asked about DFA because I...
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    US will help fund DFA fibre rollout study in South Africa

    So this so called 20 districts might get FTTB? Or it simple means DFA will roll out backhaul to small towns? Because DFA specializes in backhaul not B2C, this might mean last mile connection will be done by Vumareach or poynting what what aka R89 PM WiFi connection. I have a feeling this...
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    Rain plans to add 5G coverage to 5,000 new households per day in 2021

    This might be possible if rain and Vodacom agreement now include deploying 5G and 4G simultaneously, which means rain can upgrade "passive" infrastructure in more Tower's across SA