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    Dstv Now and live TV not working on laptop: Error code 3011

    esampson is right. Its got to do with the fibre/wifi ISP. Its been working fine for years but all of a sudden not. It wont play off any of the devices connected to the home wifi but when i switch my phone to mobile data it plays no problem. call your isp.
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    TALCLIFFHA - Unknown debit order

    Got the same 2 sms's but mine said we've upgraded your Vivo Rewards. I'm very annoyed that our ID, cellphone AND bank details are out there nicely packaged for scammers to get a hold of. This country is just beyond me.
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    TALCLIFFHA - Unknown debit order << Googled the number associated with them from an sms they sent and there are a bunch more people wondering about this Vivo rewards debit order.
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    TALCLIFFHA - Unknown debit order

    Got this debit order this morning too. Also with my ID number. FNB too, which i just reversed. I have no debit orders on this account. Cant imagine how many people theyve done this too. All they need is for 1000 people to not care to reverse it and they walk with R100k just like that :rolleyes: