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    New Rain uncapped 4G package launched

    i have 6 already :crying:
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    We are not selling SABC 3, Metro FM and 5FM – SABC

    lol, they are actually selling
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    We do not recognise Solidarity, ICTU, and NUMSA

    B They have the 30% policy and Solidarity knows about it
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    Massive trouble at Telkom

    Because of Gov bailouts
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    The best and worst mobile networks in South Africa

    RAIN is just as bad as Telkom these days..
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    EOH chairman Xolani Mkhwanazi has passed away

    This reminds me of BCX story...
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    Prepare for Bitcoin mayhem

    Step 1: Initiating
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    Rain 5G Black Friday special

    You can also be his / her friend... and answer
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    Rain 5G Black Friday special

    24 Months :sick::sick::sick::sick:
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    Facebook will pay you to collect your data through surveys

    They fighting poverty i guess
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    DStv without a decoder - 2020 expected release date

    Content is directly proportional to your bonquet