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    TP-Link model tl-wr840n 9v connected to 12v battery

    Chance is very good yes, might not immediately but eventually will.
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    Unions want government to find money to counter the effects of the coronavirus

    Switch on the light I'll help you find it.... O wait
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    Sona 2020

    Lol, how big is that first year crop of yours, next year they down 50% attendance, the year thereafter even more. Smell the flowers, your reality is skewed. Yes there are top performers, our school system is not the reason they are performing.
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    Sona 2020

    30% pass mark.. Not sure what they are passing.. But yes they passed
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    Do you think SAA should be rescued?

    The 5 that voted djulle gesuip of op tik ???
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    CSGO Sticky thread

    Will have to show Ragnar this one :D
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    The Audi Thread

    This is a feeler post, for the V6 Tdi lovers. I might need to sell my baby, to get a small boring noddy car, the wife outright refuses to drive my A6. Details of car: 2010 A6 V6 Tdi Tiptronic, Silver, Sunroof, 4 New Hankook Ventus V12 tyres, PDC front and back, MMI with harddrive and bluetoothe...
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    Web Squad ISP

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    Web Squad ISP

    Not really a WS issue as multiple networks affected. Anybody an idea what's cooking with WhatsApp media up and download failing?
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    Best Internet Satellite Provider for SA ?

    Sattelite is last last resort, bandwidth is very limited normally contended as well, unless you have very deep pockets. Latency introduces other issues with real-time services. So if you are on a 20000 hectare farm in the middle of nothing then you might get your email downloaded via sat. Sorry...
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    Audi Q5 Reducing Agent Pump packing up

    Yes, you have to fill the little tank. In EU you find it at petrol stations everywhere. In SA not so common.
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    Corruption will be dealt with severely, warns Ramaphosa

    There are people in the ANC who hold different opinions on many issues and they articulate them differently.
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    South Africa must reform or it's "game over"

    They have been reforming SA into the ground the last +-20 years, what is the magic bullet this time round. Everything is declining but lets continue reforming. (read steeling)
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    Web Squad ISP

    Geez man, I am sure they know and it will be fixed after the holiday period. Let them be...