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    Getting 2018 LG TV to work with Amazon Alexa

    Anyone got this to work yet? Please also PM the LG manager details to log a complaint. I bought a 75" LG 2021 model, and getting the issue, bot supported in your region when trying to connect to Google Home.
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    What do you miss the most during the lockdown?

    Freedom and my human rights
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    Big Giveaway - Enter now

    Cisco and BCX have software solutions that are architected from a security-first perspective to mitigate the unquantifiable risk that outside factors represent.
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    Which lockdown restrictions should be lifted?

    They should lift the ban of Cigarette sales and also all PC hardware.
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    Which TV series have you watched since the lockdown started?

    Forged in Fire Seal Team They are great and definitely worth a watch.
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    Do you think the government should allow the sale of alcohol during the lockdown?

    No, I not think they should lift the ban on all alcohol. They should rather do a soft ban, and only sell beers and beverages with low alcohol content. This way everyone wins.