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    Rain is down

    Nope. I didn't do anything. They better not bill me for this usage.
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    Rain is down

    Yes mine is showing weird things like 0GB and R0 all over when I am on the R250 plan. Also showing I have used 0GB of 5GB when my peak spend limit is 0.
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    ICASA releases high-demand spectrum for lockdown

    For the consumers sake I hope so.
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    ICASA releases high-demand spectrum for lockdown

    I was wondering the same thing. Why only now? Why can they not continue going forward maybe at a higher premium?
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    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Yes you are in the category of top 1-5% of all users. When the global average is a little biit less than your 4G speeds, then that speaks volumes about how badly things fare for the rest of SA.
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    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Faster than 95% of ZA. No wonder you are pleased.
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    Best and worst ISPs in South Africa revealed

    When Cell C is better than Rain then you know how bad things are. I think it's not long until they get awarded dead last position.
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    Rain R250 to the 4g unlimited

    Yes, if Rain actually actively managed their network like they said they would in their terms and conditions, then their product offering would be quite good. If they have more users, it is their responsibility to ensure that they look at usage patterns and setup rules to control this. With this...
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    Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

    My R250 plan is worse than your R479 plan. Its sub 1Mbps 99% of the time. Can't even browse without reloading webpages.
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    I am in exactly the same boat. Still no sign of the debit order going off but all my others went off smoothly on the 1st. Also using it to work so cannot have it stop due to non-payment and no workaround to pay off the dashboard.
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    Still no movement on my bank account. Went to my Rain account and checked but my dashboard was greyed out. Couldn't do anything even though the arrears notice was up. Logged out and the dashboard is active yet the notice that I am in arrears is gone.:unsure:
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    Nothing came off my account yet either. But it has been the same issue for the last few months and then it deducts by day 3. Obviously the notifications on the website are new and worrying.
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    No need for documents. You just need your ID number and cellphone number.
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    Rain dead (died) for April fools

    Same here. I don't rejoice anymore as I always know what to expect after a few minutes. Sub 1Mbps consistently.
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    Are you still getting paid during Lockdown? Are you at home on Leave?

    Unless you are in IT and work for a company that is not an essential service and the company is closed.