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    NEW giveaway - R1000 up for grabs - Enter here

    I love that I can learn with free, interactive courses on IG Academy!
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    Stand a chance to win R1 000 with Hippo - New cash giveaway!

    Instant comparative pet insurance quotes! This is super useful as I think about adding more pets to the family
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    For Sale – Brand new Huawei Nova 9 dual sim smartphone

    Brand new Huawei Nova 9 dual sim smartphone in beautiful Black. 50MP Ultra Vision Camera 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge Many other amazing specs Age and condition: brand new and unused, in perfect condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: With Huawei Reason for selling: It was a gift and I...
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    I need a dual sim device that's not network locked, where to purchase?

    Hit me up if you're interested in a new Huawei Nova 9 dual sim that's not been used. Want to sell it for a significant discount for the specs. :)
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    What Phone are you using or planning on getting? (2022 edition)

    I was recently gifted a brand new Huawei Nova 9 dual sim – which looks fantastic with regards to the camera etc. I was shocked to find out it doesn't run Google services, which is a game changer! I thought I lucked out getting this phone but can't vibe without my google apps. If anyone likes...