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    New opening date for South African schools

    What an utter effen mess. They had weeks & weeks to plan, prepare, consult and the night before they postpone and our dear minister cant even come out to face the music. No, postpone her briefing for another day.
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    laptop fell at home.

    No, all insurance does not work like this. If you have accidental damage cover (optional paid for extension) under your Contents cover, you can claim for your broken tv, xbox, hifi, all appliances etc. This cover does exclude laptops & cellphones however and all the above applies to Santam...
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    Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box (AGT419) Feedback

    R100 more than the Xiaomi Mi Box, but that ethernet port is worth it.
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    Takealot vs Makro vs Dion Wired vs Game - Black Friday deliveries tested

    Placed an order with Takealot @ 00:05 on Black Friday morning. Received an email before 08:00 that same day that my order was ready for collection at the Tygervalley pick up point.
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    Santam Insurance vs Outsurance

    What area are you in? From my understanding Santam does nearly all car claims on a "desktop" basis meaning an assessor hardly ever goes out physically to a panelshop / car. There thus should not really be a reason for 3/4 day delays.
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    Santam Insurance vs Outsurance

    More tham likely a regional issue. A friend in the Paarl part owns and runs a large panel ahop in Paarl and he's never complained about Santam not paying or their rates.
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    Santam Insurance vs Outsurance

    Repairing a 14 year old car with new parts? There's not many insurers that I know of where that would be 1st option. Would anyway quickly make the car "uneconomical" to repair.
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    Santam Insurance vs Outsurance

    Interesting that many Outsurance assessors have left to rather work for Santam. I know of at least 5 just in our area. Work environment, culture and way of doing things just completely different.
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    Any pitfalls to inverter aircons??

    Had my Daiken inverter ones now for more than 7 years, not a single issue. Just opt for a proper brand/supplier and you should be sorted.
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    Grocery Specials Thread

    Bought some on the weekend, bargain at that price.
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    RSAweb, wifi speed question.

    So my 100/25 fibre line has been running for about 10 days now. Overall I am satisfied, no downtime and Netflix and everything else loads quickly and does not buffer. Various Speedtests over wifi via Mybroadband & Ookla apps has never achieved a result of over 60mbps, even if sitting 2 metres...