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    Lysol maker says don’t inject disinfectant after Trump remarks

    That is pretty disingenuous/ or also referred to as debating in bad faith Instead of just reading the 28 second (rather pointed) transcript which *includes* all Trumps guffs and mistakes (Together with the correction/input from greg0205 which I think is correct).... Or just listening to the...
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    Lysol maker says don’t inject disinfectant after Trump remarks

    I did... and this seems like a case of one screen two films. I must be stupid. Because I just wasted 5 minutes of my life transcripting an piece of the video. Since no one here from the "I'm so smart and Trump is so stupid" camp can point out the part of the video where Trump says people should...
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    Lysol maker says don’t inject disinfectant after Trump remarks

    Maybe you get away from the screen a bit. and relax a bit. Fyi, this is not an instruction, but a suggestion from me... as I'm worried for you.
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    Lysol maker says don’t inject disinfectant after Trump remarks

    You mean the couple where the husband died... where the "surviving wife" claims to be a Donnie supporter but donates money to the his opponents... who has a history of domestic abuse against her deceased husband... and who is now being investigated for murder... Yip, that's most likely Donnie's...
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    Do you think the number of new daily coronavirus infections are set to rise?

    I'm more curious about the plan for the end of lock-down. a) If it goes up... I assume they might consider extending the lock-down by ~a week b) If it comes down (/is contained), do they intend to keep our borders lock-down ? As it would just take one plane / bus load of untracked/untested...
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    South Africans warned not to wear gloves and masks during lockdown

    True, I doubt we can not handle the production of enough masks for every person in SA to wear 1-3 per day, nor the disposable of them. While not ideal, I am informed that the method for recycling the same masks in a pinch... is to submerge them in a ~70% alcohol fluid, then allowing to dry...
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    Just in: Staggie shot & killed

    Try joining the police reservist, or even just a CPF... I'm sure that after a few call outs to incidents where a father stabs his own son while they are both high... or after assisting on scenes of breakings where the victims are at their wits end after being robbed for the n'th time by their...
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    Teacher at elite Cape Town girls' school faces disciplinary action for slapping girl

    From the article... "Jessica Shelver, spokesperson for Education MEC Debbie Schafer, said department officials were at the school on Wednesday to investigate the incident. "This kind of behaviour from a teacher is not acceptable and the teacher will be facing disciplinary action," Shelver said."...