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    Cricket SA instructs all Proteas to take the knee at T20 World Cup in fight against racism

    It is fantastic that Cricket SA is prepared to fight the racism of quotas and BBBEEE.
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    DStv streaming a mess after app update

    This is now happening when my gran uses the app.
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    Elon Musk’s Fortune Surges to $281 Billion on Hertz Order

    I would rather use the word value instead of fortune. The share price went up, therefore the value of his shares went up, but because of SEC rules he cannot sell them tomorrow. So he doesn't have $281B sitting in the bank.
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    IT salaries in South Africa compared to Australia, the US, and the UK

    G Going to have to agree with this. As someone who is looking to move to the UK I have looked at jobs based on my experience, my current qualifications and also the qualifications I am currently working on. Lets just say salary range starts at 55K GBP pa. and if I take into consideration the...
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    DStv streaming a mess after app update

    New issue I have seen on the app. Screen is covered in yellow blocks and a constant noise is heard. Basically it screams the app is buggy af.
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    Sleepover ’nightmare’: 15-year-old boy allegedly raped girl, 12

    He would be tied to the back of my car and dragged down the road until the flesh had been removed from his bones.
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    Joburg champagne bar apologises after patron complains she was kicked out for being ‘too fat’

    Or have the automated feeder robots like they do in cow farms.
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    Abarth 595 Monster Energy Yamaha vs VW Polo GTI – Not an easy choice

    The Polo GTI owners get hijacked and shot.
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    Joburg champagne bar apologises after patron complains she was kicked out for being ‘too fat’

    Women generally arent the ones buying the drinks. Men are. Shocker... men don't buy fat girls drinks.
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    Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set

    Blanks are still dangerous and the general rule is to treat them like they are real bullets!
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    IPv6 Roll Out

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is supported until 2026 through Canonical’s Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) product. Xenial entered the ESM period in April 2021, with security patches for five additional years, beyond the five years of standard support. So you aren't part of that group. You chose an OS...
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    Can I restore Win 10 to a drive other than current C:

    Download Macrium Reflect Free. Clone the 1TB OS partition to the SSD. Job done.
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    Router Battery Backup

    The Ratel 8100 does 19v.
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    All things Shelly

    I have done 4 Shelly units at home/family. I wired up our Shelly demo board. I still consult wiring diagrams when I am installing one. Double check and triple check. I blew up the first sample of the Dimmer 2 we got. That was a fun day in the office. This is why I now check and double check...
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    Telkom LIT Android media box - Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    No. Netflix works perfectly on the Ematic AGT419. The agreement between Telkom and Netflix does not affect the Ematic. It was only for the LIT.