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    Security guard due in court for fatal shooting of former boxing champ's dad

    Uhm...Because nobody expects to be shot in the back?
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    You know how how many times I tried this...all small caps...big caps...I was like WTF. And then....ohhhhhhh...lul. gotem
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    Your Pie is out of the oven...coming soon...apparently!

    Does it not invade the privacy of the person on the other end though? Not asking too troll. I have genuinely thought about this. Anyhoo //runs
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    Eskom plans massive electricity cut in South Africa

    Are we going to get discount on outlr taxes now? You know, having to kek out money for yet another service our shethole government cannot manage and provide? I am sooooo over it.
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    Super Official ("Superficial") Black Friday Thread (23 November 2018)

    Is the 65 quantum dot worth it @ R19999. How much worse is it then the samsung 65 uled?
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    Zuma: '2019 polls outweigh 1994 election, opposition must also vote for ANC'

    Why is this criminal still receiving airtime!! He should be locked away behind bars. I am so frustrated by the current state of affairs.
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    Samsung rewards

    Thanks Sir
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    I dont know hey....just heard good things about RocketNet and subsequently changed my ISP to them. My international speeds have been shoddy. It becomes apparent whilst streaming certain services. Ill give it some time to resolve. But I am sure other users are starting to pick up on this...
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    139 farms targeted for expropriation without compensation

    I may have just had a Eureka moment. There is a hidden agenda with our president. He has been pushing through LEWC very hard, knowing what it could do to the economy. Isn't there a piece of land somewhere that he wants to obtain for mining but could not this far because of being blocked by an...
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    Telkom customers are going crazy trying to cancel their lines

    Same boat. My account at R3k and going strong. "Cancelled" in May. These guys are crooks. Straight up criminals ignoring cancellations.