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    Investing: Sasol

    Don't mind me, I'm just here to celebrate with my man @Chris_the_Brit We caught the Sasol train early. :cool:
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    Looking for Anime Fans

    Bleach anime is returning in 2021. All those years of stubbornly refusing to read the manga believing the anime would come back are about to pay off. :cool:
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    [Zimbabwe] Byo man jailed 45 years for copper cables theft

    Depends how you look at it really. ±$1000 worth of theft: yes very excessive. Treason/sabotaging the country: He's lucky that he didn't get the noose.
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    Who else fell ill this week (cold / flu / corona)? Symptom tracker thread

    I'm 25% hypochondriac on my mother's side so I'll be avoiding this thread from now on.
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    [Zimbabwe] Byo man jailed 45 years for copper cables theft

    I don't think it is. This is sabotage of national infrustructure and should be punished harshly. Nonsense like this sets the country back years, and probably has a cumulative effect of billions on the economy over time because of lost productivity and competitiveness. Think of the progress a...
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    Many South Africans cancelled DStv after getting Netflix

    I actually cancelled Netflix lol. EPL, La Liga and the Champions League keeps the DSTv on in this house.
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    [Opinion] Why Soweto residents do not owe Eskom R18-billion

    Visit most townships? Ain't nobody got time for dat. Post proof or you're talking BS.
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    [Opinion] Why Soweto residents do not owe Eskom R18-billion

    Soweto entitlement. Hop on to social media and you'll see how black people from all over SA consistently flame Soweto residents for non-payment.
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    Putin Backs Proposal Paving Way for New Presidential Term

    Viva Afrika! Vi-! Oh wait.
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    PostNet, Post Office in legal showdown over packages weighing a kilogram or less

    FFS. @Grant, add some baby powder to make it 1.1 kg. Ta.
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    Sheriff seizes R630 million worth of goods from Emfuleni municipality

    Then what's the point of paying tax if we are just going to pay again for the private sector to do the job?
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    300 parrot carcasses found rotting at a Joburg captive-breeding facility

    My idiot neighbors saw fit to get some parrots. Those fskers are LOUD AF. They're meant to call at each other over vast distances, not to be cooped up in cages 24/7. They'll carry on for hours at a time too. How they haven't gone deaf in that house with all that high-pitched screeching and...
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    Can somebody post that site with the stats and red circles again? Ta.
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    :ROFL: Don't forget to give my man @Temujin props for creating this MyBB classic. I just came up with the idea. :cool::thumbsup: