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    Appliance losses during load shedding

    You get surge protectors in your DB but you also need surge protection plugs as they each protect against different scenarios.
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    Sonoff geyser control + temperature sensor

    You can't do it that way. Either read the existing thermostat value with something like an ESP8266 or get a Geyserwise thermostat and again use a ESP8266. Also use a contactor to switch on the geyser.
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    Router Battery Backup

    If any of your devices are POE you can power them simply with a network cable from the POE port without a DC cable, might not need a splitter then.
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    Router Battery Backup

    The selector switch is for the POE lan ports next to it. You would need a splitter that goes into the 12v and gives two outputs.
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    How to check data without putting the Sim in a phone or via router USSD.

    Try, works for contracts not sure about prepaid. You can also sms balance to some number.
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    Inverter advice

    You will need an inverter of 1000 watts and preferably two batteries with 100ah capacity and a 10 amp charger. One of those trolley inverters would be the easiest.
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    New Alarm

    If you are into building stuff yourself you can keep the DSC and install one of these. DSC Keybus Interface Or Olarm which is subscription based. Olarm
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    Unbundling a 2-way switch

    You need an isolator switch for a fan. Like I mentioned earlier you can have both a switch and smart switch at the same time, the switch will just be override switch but if it's on the smart switch won't work.
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    Paradox olarm instead of ip150

    Try putting the Olarm on another battery. I only get that error from the remote receiver when I completely turn the power off, mains and battery.
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    Paradox olarm instead of ip150

    If you want real control look at DSC Keybus Interface
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    Unbundling a 2-way switch

    You can simply connect the neutral to the wire you are going to use as the new neutral as long as they are on the same circuit. Does the smart switches have to be wired directly each of them or can you simply wire one and the rest of the switches simply connect wirelessly to the main switch...
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    Unbundling a 2-way switch

    The primary switch would have more wires coming in. The secondary switch should have three wires. You can reuse the wires and extend a neutral to the secondary switch.
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    PCI to USB3 card

    The only way to get USB3 is through the PCI-e slot.
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    PCI to USB3 card

    PCI is too slow to handle USB3 unfortunately.
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    Power meter

    Bought mine from Builders a few years ago, model Efergy EMS-RSA, but they are all the same.