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    Surtie Inheritance scam?

    No, the fact that it is a scam is blocking the payout
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    Glamping: Know any good sites?

    As per the OP: I'm not looking for the luxury tents, just a basic fixed-tent with the essentials - maybe a small kitchen, outside ablution is fine.
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    Glamping: Know any good sites?

    We used to go to Umoya often when I still had the Offroad Caravan. Previously owned by the same owners as Mbizi, but I see that has now changed.
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    Glamping: Know any good sites?

    Umoya Resort
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    If it is gmail, that would be interesting, as they don't differentiate between name.surname and namesurname ...
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    Me too ... and I **** you not, his name is Homer :) They wanted me to bring in my Jeep for a service ... I told them how will they arrange pick up and drop off, via ship or plane ... apparently SA humour is lost on the Americans
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    Yep. I see it every year this time ... in fact, in a couple of weeks :)
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Side comment on the BT headphones. I am running a USB hub with RJ45 on my Mi Box. Plugged my PS4 wireless headphone dongle into the hub, and it worked a treat
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    New Giveaway – Win great prizes

    Share best practices with top local IT experts, Alliance partners and your peers
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Mimecast Cloud Archive can help you achieve: Seamless integration across archiving, continuity and security
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    Vodacom launches eSIM support in South Africa

    I am guessing you have an eSim capable Galaxy watch?
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    Three-Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Simply touch the glass to unlock. We've moved security from the back of the phone to the front, fusing the Ultrasonic Fingerprint directly into the screen. *Only available on Galaxy S10 and S10+.
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    Morning traffic incident

    Only if his Ma is still alive, otherwise it is not acceptable :)
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    Morning traffic incident

    Ok, so my take: "Stop driving like a p**s" is acceptable ... it is comparative. Your second statement: "jou p**s" is more problematic ... could open you to a charge of crimen injuria. Next time rather go with: "ek DINK jy is 'n p**s" ... it is your opinion, and nothing he can do about that :)