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    Why a "cheap and nasty" fibre deal is a bad idea

    WOW! HE wants to talk about Customer Service? They have THE WORST customer service. All my emails to him can attest to that!
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    2020 Land Rover Defender (L663)

    Yeah, that would have been nice, but alas, the COVID struggle is real
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    2020 Land Rover Defender (L663)

    I saw three of these beauties being offloaded at LR Centurion this afternoon ... that white is WAY more impressive in real life!
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    I've placed 4 orders since 1 June ... they were all delivered on time as per the site, even a couple days earlier in some instances
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Anyone else having an issue with Cyberflix giving an unknown error constantly?
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    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    Is that on international or local speeds?
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    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    I must show you some of my convos with these okes ... I have seen that one before as well.
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    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    And international speeds are crawling below 1Mbps again
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    Surtie Inheritance Scam

    Only thing negative here is a couple of people's IQ score
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    Rebel Tech is shutting down

    There goes a good store down the drain, with my Ducky's guarantee :(
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    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    No rep as far as I know.
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    After the lockdown is lifted, would you still like to work from home?

    I work from home 50% of the time
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    Live Trackers & Statistics (COVID-19)

    I have also noticed that as soon as you change one area, it changes all over, and everything seems to go out of whack