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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Yeah its not just Afrihost, Cool Ideas also posted that there is power issues
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Power maintenance at NAP Cape Town aparently
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    A "listening" port

    Yeah if the port is listed under netstat then its being used by a service already. Make sure the port is not only listening on but on all ip's ( on some distributions)
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    Cancelling my Fiber

    You will be liable for the damage to the ONT
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    Resigning from CC

    Has anyone here resigned from a CC / other small business? I would like to resign from an business I used to run with another person. I am struggling to get any communication with this person lately so would like to cut ties. The business doesn't owe any money, and has negligible assets. I...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

    They often screw up the auto payment amount and then suspend/block my CC without telling me, best to double check
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    Fibre in Jeffreys Bay coming, built by Igen

    Good to see some progress :)
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    Metrofibe ISP Latency comparison in port elizabeth

    also post in the general PE thread:
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    UK issued prepaid sim in SA?

    Transferwise may be easier for you then, I have one also and it works well
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    UK issued prepaid sim in SA?

    My friend had a GiffGaff sim sent to her in South Africa for free, but I am not sure if you can activate it here (its meant to be so you have a sim already before you travel there) You will need an address also, so it may be easier for a friend over there to get a sim...
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    GameStop South Africa - can we do it

    Wouldn't you also need a local broker who allows you to buy/sell with large leverage?
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    Supersonic to launch Unlimited Air Fibre

    It says "by TARANA" on the product page
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    Apple Pay South Africa

    If I change back to ZA region, will my Monzo and Transferwise cards get removed I wonder
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    Supersonic Unlimited Air Fibre

    Looks like this isnt LTE its WIFI / licensed spectrum wireless
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    PoE Blocker

    You could test with another small switch in between the ip server and the poe switch