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    Huawei's AppGallery, is it good enough?

    If the huawei app gallery does not have an app that you are looking for, download "findora" from the app store. findora has more apps than the huawei app gallery.
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    WATCH: Queer activists occupy lavish Camps Bay residence for 'safe space' usage

    I like the "un-white" choice of word! :X3::laugh:
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    Duo implicated in gruesome East Rand killings make bail U-turn

    pigs?? i dont think i will look at pork the same way again.
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    Man convicted of raping baby in his bed

    i hope they will castrate him in jail. if not rape him!
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    R500 bail for Springs man who assaulted family’s domestic worker

    do not try to make this a race issue.. a domesric worker was attacked period.
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    Official level 2 lockdown rules gazetted – Here are the full details

    what does thta mean? has it been banned again?:crying: