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    Honey thieves strike again in KZN, kill farmer's bees

    why couldn't they steal the honey and leave the f*ckn bees . what did the bees do to them???:confused:
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    Article: Sangoma sick note valid: court

    It was supposed to be paid.
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    Article: Sangoma sick note valid: court

    what a time to be alive!!:thumbsup::laugh: i love this very much!!
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    Victims of apartheid demand R1m each in reparations

    these stories are so tiring honestly.:rolleyes:
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    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

    msunery is derived from "msunu" which is a xhosa or zulu word that mean anus or arsehole.
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    Jailed FMF activist argues ‘unfair trial’ after magistrate calls black lawyers ‘you people’

    i am not talking about the article..just the term in general. whether its "you people" as in young people or "you people" as in black people its a no from me.
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    'Some of my friends are Indian', says KFC customer accused of racism

    i think the fist i think the first one coo... i am even scared to write it.
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    KNP: 2-year-old mauled to death by leopard in Malelane camp

    i hope they will not put the leopard down.:confused: rest in peace to the kid.