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    Hospitalizations are spiraling. Is a fourth COVID lockdown at our doorstep? [Israel]

    The challenge is not to work on a vaccine, that so far appears to be a tad ineffective but on a fast cure that reduces both the number of people dying and the hospital stays to the minimum. There are a few drugs they are testing that reduce the hospital time to around 3-5 days and has a...
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    Medupi explosion caused by mistake technicians made trying to find external leak

    What a coincidence - barely a week after everything is supposedly finished and boooom, damage in the millions, sorry billions, sorry hundreds of billions......... tenders to go out for repair, etc. Unions, contractors and cadres must be smiling ear to ear from what was definitely not sabotage...
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    Phoenix killings: New data suggests Indians, homes were never the target in face of race killings

    Billions of Rands of damages, incompetent police but all that ignored to fuel the flames of race wars. Thank you news24
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    So she has now recovered from covid even with her severe comorbidities including COPD and Lupus. Her blood oxygen levels are still low, which impacts on her thought and speech functions - she describes the sensation as foggy, but she has started sending out emails and stuff, so that is an...
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    My mom has covid and she is a very difficult "patient" - her blood oxygen is very low and she is delirious but refuses to go to the hospital. This was specified before she got sick under no circumstance do we send her to a hospital. We jumped through hoops and got her oxygen, but she won't put...
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    Food shortages expected in South Africa after looting in KZN and Gauteng

    checkers and woolies in my area (kyalami) empty - just a few odds and ends but shelves bare - managed to get eggs and a few things but rice, milk, bread, flour, cooldrinks, meat all empty.
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    Junior received Johnson's vaccine, didn't have much effect - he is in bed feeling overall kak, but he is also probably over the worst.
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    I think I am over the worst. Was around a week with no sleep, generally sitting outside 3am just to breathe the chilly air. Blood oxygen levels dropped below 80 but I didn't have any symptoms associated with low levels so just struggled through, 91 this morning. BP went quite low so I stopped...
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    Elitehost down?

    Nothing is working this morning - please urgently advise. Websites and emails are down. ignore - came on
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    I have it but not really worried, even with high BP. It's like a bad bout of flu with some extras thrown in - I can't smell which is great because there have been a few veld fires and the smell usually gives me headaches. The persistent cough is a pain. I can't sleep, but I am a poor sleeper...
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    Elitehost down?

    Can you please ask Jason to respond to ticket 604828 - Mikhail is not assisting - going around in circles - why when trying to register a domain directly on do I get a no nameserver for this domain even though the hosting has been set up correctly on elite host - this is annoying and even...
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    Diamond rush' in KZN sparks call for calm, pending inspection

    Is is not this thingy in post #65?
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    Scrapping the Burger King South Africa deal over BEE will hurt future investments: industry

    No, it was an American investment company with a black (co)CEO that specializes in investing in Africa.
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    Trevor Noah slammed for suggesting Israel not defend itself: 'You're downplaying the trauma of millions'

    Who made you the fun police? Just like the people that watch porn on tv and then call in to complain.
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    Burger King acquisition blocked over lack of BEE

    So ECP Africa, a company specializing in investment in Africa with its Black CO - CEO partner and Black top management is not BEE enough....I suppose that means that no local cadre has had his palm greased