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    Why are you staying in South Africa?

    Too true. Many years ago, a Rhodesian living in the UK, told me the exact same thing. He'd been there about a 10 years at the time. I lived and worked there for a few years off and on, and from my own experience, I agree. The US is better as an immigrant. Well, it was. Now with Trump, the...
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    Do you use the Post Office?

    I use the PO for Bid or Buy when buying locally. I have not had a problem. I recently had to mail a letter to the USA and it took about 5 weeks, if I recall. But if it is some vitally important document, usually to the USA then I'll use DHL or FedEx. It hurts as it costs around R400 but...
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    Telkom DSL 20 Mbps Ping: 39 ms Download: 17.36 Mbps Upload: 0.77 Mbps Lately being having trouble with speed dropping to <2 Mbps download or no internet at all
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    What is the best tech company you have dealt with?

    Hetzner (Xneelo or summat like that. Don't like the name either) and Wootware. Both give service and have knowledgeable people. Ordered today again from Wootware. I had a question; the guy was unsure of the answer. Said "hold on, let me go ask the guys." Didn't make up some nonsense. Both...
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    Which 27" monitor

    Thanks for the tip. I will try with a DVI-D (no HDMI on the monitor) to HDMI cable. R124 plus shipping from Wootware. Looking online, this is a superior connection than VGA.
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    Which 27" monitor

    Avoiding starting a new thread.... I have the Dell P2414H 1980 x 1080 attached to a Dell Latitude 7490 with a 15-pin VGA connector (blue plug) at the monitor and then, via an adapter, to the "Display Port over USB Type-C" at the laptop end. Running Windows 10. To me the text is not as...
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    Which restaurant chain do you like the most?

    This is true. I stopped going to M&B for this very reason.
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    What do you like most about the MyBroadband Forum?

    I came to the forum looking for tech advice. And I still do. I have been helped greatly by other members. What is impressive is the time that members put into their replies and the willingness to answer follow up questions. Plus, as I have discovered, you can get advice on all sorts of...
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    Do you know a good Indian restaurant in Pretoria?

    Thanks for the recommendations. Luckily enough we were staying about 1.5 kms from Geet. We ate there 3 times in 4 days. Their menu is a walk trip around India. The food excellent and flavourful. Classy place, too. While on restaurants, we ate at Capeeesh, Italian place near the Brooklyn Mall...
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    Do you know a good Indian restaurant in Pretoria?

    Attention Indian food lovers in Pretoria! I'll be in Pretoria next week, so I am looking for suggestions. If you know Cape Town, Bihari at the Newlands Hotel is the best Indian restaurant I have found there. Like Bihari and any self-respecting Indian restaurant, it must have a genuine Tandoor...
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    Sheep leather jacket

    Other option is to wait for a sale. A few years ago, I bought a great leather jacket there for a little over R2k. It was at least 30% off. It was just the style I wanted and I had been looking for a few years, here and in the US. A double win!
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    Well, except for the name the story is the same one.
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    Massmart owns Makro, Builders, Game and many other retailers. Last week, Massmart warned that operating profit could fall by as much as 60%.
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    Homey has hardly warmed his seat at Game and he's buying an Audi on credit. Job is at Game, owned by Massmart who only last week warned that operating profit has fallen 60%. A very confident doppelganger. Or someone who doesn't read. Either the press or his contract with the probation period...
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    iPhone (& other phone) cases are only for poor people

    Yes, I now see how it reads. Definitely not my view. LOL