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    Sheep leather jacket

    Other option is to wait for a sale. A few years ago, I bought a great leather jacket there for a little over R2k. It was at least 30% off. It was just the style I wanted and I had been looking for a few years, here and in the US. A double win!
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    Well, except for the name the story is the same one.
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    Massmart owns Makro, Builders, Game and many other retailers. Last week, Massmart warned that operating profit could fall by as much as 60%.
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    Apparently there's an idiot with the same name as me...

    Homey has hardly warmed his seat at Game and he's buying an Audi on credit. Job is at Game, owned by Massmart who only last week warned that operating profit has fallen 60%. A very confident doppelganger. Or someone who doesn't read. Either the press or his contract with the probation period...
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    iPhone (& other phone) cases are only for poor people

    Yes, I now see how it reads. Definitely not my view. LOL
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    iPhone (& other phone) cases are only for poor people

    Did I say that? I posted it as I wanted to see what other people thought about the...the speculation. Me, I think buying anything, or behaving in a certain way, to make other people think you are rich is senseless.
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    iPhone (& other phone) cases are only for poor people

    A consumer psychologist believes those who keep their iPhones naked are merely showing how rich they are. Is that what it is? s the divide between the haves and the wish-they-hads gets ever wider, does this include their technology habits? I only ask because I've been bathing in an analysis...
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    How do sportsmen/women earn a living after retiring?

    Work for SuperSport.... "aah...ja....aah....ja... aaah back to you guys"
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    Why's my browser so damn slow?

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. I am now looking for a machine with a faster processor, more RAM and a SSD . Do/Will I have to go to W10? Is that the best option with Windows?
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    Interbank EFT

    Money is immediately debited out of payer's account so there is no interest paid...sits in bank limbo for 2 days making them money...then gets credited to the payee's account. Plus, as has been pointed out, there's money made by banks in those "instant money" transfers.
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    Capitec Credit Card - Anyone got it?

    Well, I reactivated my Capitec account as a have reached my limit on the annually increasing Standard Bank fees. I asked about a credit card but they said "no" as I don't have a monthly payslip. I'm self employed. Offered my tax return but it wasn't acceptable. The manager said he would check...
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    Why's my browser so damn slow?

    Help. (I don't know if this is the right place to post this. If I need to move it, please tell me.) Telkom ADSL speedtest a moment ago Ping: 40 ms Download: 16.77 mbps Upload: 0.83 mbps Browser: Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (32-bit) Up to date Operating System - Windows 7...
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    Some extra scratch

    This. You want to use your skills, not be competing with every other guy with a car delivering pizza, etc., with resulting low wages paid. You will make a lot more money selling your skill, too. I found a guy, forum member, to look after my website right here. It is a part time thing for him...
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    Audi Q2 is coming soon

    SQ2 = Not available in SA
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    Duanne Olivier 'turned down two-year contract' to go Kolpak, say CSA

    Let me take a guess here. CSA is top heavy with administrators making big bucks so there is less over to pay the players?