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    DStv's biggest threat

    Well with a RAIN connection and fibre, I cannot even stream certain channels from DSTV Premium on any of my smart TV's. And by streaming the same **** over and over does not help the cause, what did you expect was going to happen?
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    Rain slow speeds and poor support explained

    Gone from 550Mb/s in October 2019 to 70Mb/s in November 2020
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    Vodacom is turning into one of South Africa's biggest fibre players

    After Friday's debacle, they need to...
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    Investigation into Takealot's dominance

    Maybe government can learn from this... But I highly doubt it.
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    PBO proposes new tax on digital services

    F00k this government and all its **** plans..... They will tax us into the grave...
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    Driving licence renewal problem slated by AA and Outa

    5-10 years renewal is a great idea but will never happen... That gravy train brings to much "extra" cash into officials pockets...
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    Microsoft is inching closer to killing the Windows Control Panel

    I guess that somebody will create a 3rd party app if its killed off... Just link the old start menu
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    Illegal connections are destroying South Africa’s power infrastructure – Photos

    I can relate to this staying in Centurion also running prepaid...
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    Your Kwesé Play streaming box is an expensive paperweight

    I see mede8er has also gone under...
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    These were South African Internet prices in 1995

    Ahhhh the days of watching porn on 56.6K modems.... :laugh:
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    Large-scale spam outbreak results in email sending delays for many South Africans

    If you are using the free version of TeamViewer then yes you cant, but if you have business or corporate license you can... Agreed