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    South African municipalities steal billions meant for free electricity for the poor

    Whats new? Stealing from their own people is the norm... Yet come elections they vote again and again for the same bunch of criminals
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    SA engineer slapped with R100,000 demand for pirated copy of Solidworks

    Malwarebytes is doing the same, even when running the "free version" past a certain date, demanding compensation - BEWARE
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    Eskom without Oracle technical support

    Cant wait for something to happen at Ekscum... and them running paying there bills asking for support again... "please sir may i have some more"
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    When you can face criminal charges for tax mistakes

    91% maybe 93% of all government's people would need to be locked up for lying on their TAX returns. Better start building bigger and more jails.
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    When you can face criminal charges for tax mistakes

    I would like to see who they are going to jail, when using a tax practitioner or a tax consulting company...
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    MetroFibre gets billions to grow fibre network in South Africa

    Zwartkop Centurion... Same situation... Openserve installed aerial fibre wihtin 2 weeks for the entire area... MFN did all the works months ago, but no floating of fibre has commence. So everyone is going with Openserve in the area.
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    Eskom to investigate allegations of racism against De Ruyter

    Typical... Person doing their job, reprimanding person whose not, but because of person being white, racism is being cried again....
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    The real reason Vumatel's fibre prices are so high

    Read that comment of yours again and think about it, then read it again...
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    The highest broadband speeds for South Africa homes

    A mate of mine in New Zealand told me on Thursday last week, they've already stated rolling out 10Gbps connections to homes in Auckland.