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    YouTube unwatchable on Afrihost and Webafrica

    Glad to know it's a widespread issue and not isolated incidences (even as frustrating as it's been to deal with.) - thank you for the update @AfriNatic !
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    Anti-vax employees can be sacked in South Africa, says CCMA in second ruling

    Regardless of your stance, it makes no difference. The Vaccine doesn't prevent transmission/infection (albeit, may prove long term to slow it down) at least in my own understanding. So being fired or penalized for not taking it seems idiotic, as the person refusing to vaccinate is taking ALL the...
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    Are you caught up in the licence backlog?

    My card expires on the 26th and the points raised regarding expired cards are rather interesting - the worst that can happen is you get fined I guess but most likely won't hold water in court. The wording under the FAQ relates to penalties (assumed when renewing it) and doesn't clarify if this...
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    WebAfrica/Vuma packet loss CPT

    Thanks for the reply @PBCool , as I said I wouldn't have noticed it in normal circumstances but I use a VDI session which resides in the US for work so it is less forgiving when the loss occurs :) My point is that it was 100% yesterday, today having intermittent drops. Hence me checking if...
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    WebAfrica/Vuma packet loss CPT

    Hi All, Just checking to see if anyone in the CPT area with WA/Vuma trenched is experiencing packet loss on their link? - More specifically with the 2nd hop in the screenshot, not seeing any packet loss to the first "gateway" hop. It's not major but, it's affecting my VDI session that I use...
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    Proxmox - worth it for a homelab ?

    It's like any other linux OS, if you implement it correctly it will retain the changes (unless it is no longer supported). The only customization that gets overwritten during upgrades is changes made to the web interface over and above their preset customization.
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    Salary allocation advice (graduate)

    Ahh okay then it's purely a what can you afford to spare and are you willing to sacrifice to save the maximum. To be honest I am not sure, I just had a look at my payslip and it doesn't seem to clarify if it's based off total remuneration or base salary. I suspect it's based off the base salary...
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    Salary allocation advice (graduate)

    I considered mentioning this as well but, pretty solid advice from WAslayer! Nothing is stopping you from getting your own Retirement Annuity (RA).
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    Salary allocation advice (graduate)

    Hey @RedlineRacer, In my own personal experience, it all depends on your financial needs and how much you're willing to sacrifice each month. If you are still living at home with minimal expense then put as much as you can into it as it's forced savings and you won't be able to touch it unless...
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    Proxmox - worth it for a homelab ?

    @krycor hands down the best opensource hypervisor, it is really easy to use and very flexible as its based on debian. So if you have linux/kvm skills you can further customize it to suit your needs. I've got 2 hosts running in a cluster and a RaspberryPi as a 'Quorum' device allowing me to...
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    I have been having the EXACT same issue of late with 'Brave' which is a chrome based browser, I have begun thinking it was an issue with windows... Driving me absolutely nuts because I have internal DNS entries that have the same issue. For context, I run my own recursive DNS servers(unbound &...
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    1gbps fibre - What speeds do you get?

    Here is a snip from my ISP monitoring dashboard, the averages below are a little skewed due to data points with no results (having issues with power to the ONT atm). When I run random speedtest manually it averages around 910mbps for the most part. Using WebAfrica and Vuma trenched.
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    Rate Webafrica

    Been with WebAfrica for 3 years and honestly it's been great however, not without the usual frustrations which I believe would be the same with any ISP in SA. My biggest issue with them is their lack of communication when there is either an issue or an upcoming change. As a recent example, with...