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    Free speed upgrades for Afrihost's fibre customers

    Nice promo! What if I sign up next week, will I also get the option of the free speed upgrade?
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    New Telkom LTE deals from Axxess

    Thank you Axxess. What a nice surprise. Keep up the good work.
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    Alternatives to Fibre

    DSL might be available in your area. Try this search and see what's covered.
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    Axxess - Moving from CellC to Mtn or Telkom LTE ?

    First thing is to check that you have coverage and not located on the edge of coverage area's in this availability check maps: Since you already have the correct hardware to use with the MTN LTE SIM...
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    Axxess launches new MTN fixed-LTE packages

    I think there might be a difference when it comes to data rollover. This is taken from the Axxess MTN LTE page: 1 Month Data Rollover If you don't use it, you won't lose it. Any unused Anytime data rolls over for one month, so you can bank your unused data and use it later.
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    New MTN Fixed LTE SIM's from Axxess

    Can't wait for the competition to heat up in the Fixed LTE space :-)
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    New MTN Fixed LTE SIM's from Axxess

    Morning Just got this news via email from Axxess. Looks very cool. Nice work MTN & Axxess. Will definitely be signing up for this!
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    Afrihost launches Pure LTE on MTN's network

    Most definitely Axxess !
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    Please Rate Axxess

    You are looking for this then:
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    Please Rate Axxess

    Axxess do not have an FUP on the New Uncapped accounts they are selling. They are fully Unshaped, Unthrottled with no Thresholds. If you have one of the older uncapped accounts then you are able to convert to the new account types instantly in your control panel...
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    Axxess Sim only Telkom LTE starting at R99 pm

    Hi bmcd The Huawei B618 is the best option!
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    Best fixed-LTE deals

    CellC out - telkom in :-)
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    Axxess VoIP comes with 3 months rollover

    This 3 month rollover of unused call time is very cool ! Or direct link..
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    Cell C pulls plug on fixed LTE, leaving ISPs, consumers in the lurch

    Got a CellC SIM and looking for a replacement for it? Have a look at this..
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    Axxess - up 2 months Free Billing question

    Think the up to 2 months Free means that you got free days in your install month (August) and the full month in September free. You then pay before you use the data in October. Sounds normal to me. You pay upfront with all ISP's for the data. Hope that helps.