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    What is the worst tech company you have dealt with?

    Vox Mweb And now Cool Idea's is going down the toilet.
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    Cell C terminating fixed-LTE

    When last have you checked your emails? I got this last night via email from Axxess: Hi xxxxxxxxxx, You might have heard the news that Cell C is terminating their Fixed LTE services. We can confirm that the rumours are in fact true, and that Axxess have received a formal notice that Cell C...
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    Axxess Fibre price cuts - Prize winner

    Congratulations @DanDango !
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    The best Vumatel and Openserve fibre deals

    Here is the online copy of the Newsletter I just got:
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    The best Vumatel and Openserve fibre deals

    Second this :-)
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    New Axxess Uncapped accounts: Unshaped, Unthrottled, No Thresholds.

    I see Axxess also have a new Uncapped account that is Unshaped, Unthrottled with no Thresholds. Plus it looks like they have dropped the prices on all packages. This is going to be an interesting month in the ISP business :)
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    Please Rate Axxess

    Been with Axxess for almost 9 years. Still my preferred ISP.
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    Call options: Telkom flla landline vs Mobile vs VOIP

    Hi @satron , @basil katakuzinos is correct. Give Axxess Voip a try. I use a simular setup as Basil and it works great!
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    Axxess Promotion

    Second that! Pity they don't support cloud server hosting for Microsoft Server 2019. My latest project for a client requires this.
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    Skype Number - SA Alternatives ?

    Try Axxess Voice, comes with 3 months call time rollover.
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    Best VoIP service?

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    New Mweb Talk VOIP rates

    +1 Axxess VoIP works very well !
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    neotel voice closing down

    Try Axxess Voice. It comes with 3 month roll-over on un-used VoIP minutes.
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    Axxess Cell C deal

    It all depends where you live. If you on the edge of coverage then you will not be getting good speeds. Have a look at their coverage map to see if you are covered:
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    Best LTE deal currently

    Axxess LTE deal with CellC still working 100% for me and people I know.