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    Music you listen to when depressed

    Nothing helps anymore.
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    Faith Muthambi up for justice position

    Kill IT. Kill it DEAD!
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    How China has beat the US in the battle for rare earths

    We are one of the worlds richest Silicon countries and we do diddly about it. No solar production, No electronics not even any noteworthy refining. We have possibilities, But just too stupid to act on it.
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    Video game written by George R.R. Martin announced

    This guy has one of the largest writer's blocks in the History of Scripture.
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    What are you doing this weekend?

    You need help with that?
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    What insect is this?

    I don't understand you people, if you see something walking around you want to eat it...
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    Is this Gaming Computer good Value for money?

    Jip OP has been living under a rock.Go check out AMD price vs speed.
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    Potjiekos - Your favourite?

    Julle mense maak my honger!:crying:
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    Stolen ADSL line.

    What is this socialise you talk about?
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    I Finally understand GOT. It is a story about a young boy who slipped climbing a tower and was left paralyzed . His severe injuries and broken dreams caused him to slip deeper into self seclusion everyday, only to find escape in his own creative mind. He survived terrible wars, Magic...
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    D-day veterans in their 90s parachute into Normandy once more

    No, Mortars have a minimum close range. The best option would be to go directly for them. No Mortar fire then.
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    Do you support a default Internet porn block in South Africa?

    87,6% of you wankers said NO!