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    2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz Ubiquiti for a estate?

    Do a few scans first to ensure you actually have free channels/no interference... avoid 2.4GHz like the plague. Post some screenshots from the omni (guessing it's a Rocket?) to see what your station signal strengths and CCQ are. If you have free channels then drop the omni for a AC 90 degree...
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    Powerbeam alignment - need help

    Running the latest firmware? Any fresnel zone obstructions? Any interference on the channel being used? Use Ubiquiti airLink below, enter your site locations, height, kit and power levels... see what it tells you? UBNT airLink
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    Need speed test to honkong 100mbps fibre users

    Can you post the results of a trace route to please? Keen to see the path you take.
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    Need speed test to honkong 100mbps fibre users

    VOX & CISP appears to route via London, 400ms+ Mitsol route via Mumbai using SEACOM, I get around 250ms I wonder if Telkom would in fact not be a good bet... use of the SAFE cable to get to Asia?
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Another CISP & Vumatel school initiative went live in Durban in the last few days, 1000/100mbit. So far so good, seems to be performing quite well: Local International School is certainly very happy!
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    MasterCard Internet Gateway Service - cookies error

    Anyone have any thoughts on the below error when trying to book and pay for flights on Air Namibia using their PayGate merchant? I've re-installed Chrome completely, wiped all of the cache, gone through all the settings, even tried Internet Explorer & reset it to defaults and still this damn...
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    EdgeRouter X / MWeb not able to reach certain sites

    Login to the ER-X via SSH. Type "configure" Type "show firewall options"
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    EdgeRouter X / MWeb not able to reach certain sites

    You can clamp the MSS value from the Wizards tab under the ER-X web interface if using a more recent firmware (older versions had to be done via CLI). I clamp to 1452 for PPPoE only, then set MTU to 1492 under the PPPoE interface on the Dashboard tab. Had to do this for some GPON fibre...
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    Outlook issue - autocomplete

    Try NK2Edit, open the previous autocomplete.dat file, copy the contents into the one Outlook creates automatically, save the Outlook one. Close and re-open Outlook to see if the autocomplete list is populated?
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    Cisco Catalyst WS-3560CX-8PC-S PoE Switch & Cisco 10G-LR SFP+ Modules

    Item name (be very descriptive): Cisco Catalyst WS-3560CX-8PC-S 240W PoE Switch & Cisco SFP-10G-LR Modules Age and condition: Unknown age. Switch is mint, I cannot test the 10G modules, buyer to please bring a switch to test with Do you include packaging: Can make a plan Warranty: Nope Reason...
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    Help - duplicate workstation AD DNS records

    Hoping for some wisdom from some more experienced AD/DNS folks here on here. My users with laptops are getting two A records in the forward DNS zone, one for their wireless cards and one for wired. They only get a single PTR record in the reverse DNS zone. What appears to be happening is...
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    Connect PA system to SIP PABX

    Thanks! Have a demo unit coming from Duxbury to test and see if it can produce the desired result.
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    Connect PA system to SIP PABX

    Customer is looking for a way to connect his PA system in his factory to his new SIP cloud PABX system, so he can remove the need for higher level staff members to have separate microphones at their desks to address workers in the factory. Yealink phones on the desks, PoE switch in the rack...
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    What is this ResiNet from Mitsol?

    No it's definitely not a SIM based system.
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    What is this ResiNet from Mitsol?

    It's 5.8GHz wireless from Mitsol. They use Cambium kit IIRC which is dearer than Ubiquiti. Their network isn't too bad, have a few clients using their wireless and fibre offerings. Support is OK as well.