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    How to import from GearBest and more

    Very surprised to finally receive my parcel from the post office today. Parcel was received in South Africa on 28th September and only arrived in Knysna today, 8th January! Hooray! Lesson finally learnt, do NOT order anything from suppliers such as Gearbest for delivery by post. It is just not...
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    SA Post Office says it has cleared its backlog

    Some stuff I ordered from Gearbest arrived in South Africa on 28th September. I still do not have any notification from Post Office to collect!
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    New Speed Test

    Works well on laptop and mobile. Prefer it to the older one.
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    one-way car rental

    Also try First Car Rental. They usually have good prices however one with trailer hitch ...??
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    Have a look at Leopard Lodge situated near Hartbeespoort Dam. Their cottage called Motswedi sounds ideal for you.
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    Aftermarket spares for BMW X5

    Thanks for your response. I actually would not want a secondhand part, rather a generic part. These BMW window mechanisms were always poorly designed and did not last that long so a second hand one would be very suspect and not worth considering.
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    Aftermarket spares for BMW X5

    Can anyone suggest who I can contact to purchase aftermarket spares for BMW? I require the left front window regulator (mechanism) for a 2001 BMW X5. So far I have only found a genuine BMW part but this is ridiculously expensive and so far our efforts to find a generic part have not been successful.
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    TABLETS - wanting to buy!

    I have an ASUS Android tablet Zenpad 8.0 model Z380KL with GSM and wi-fi. Works very well and mine also came with an extra clip on power bank back cover. Can really recommend Asus tablets.