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    Explosion of cloud computing providers in SA

    I am busy evaluating cloud options. In particular, AWS' virtual workstations. It seems like they have some great solutions for content creation and VFX industries. We work with big data that is very graphic intensive and real-time interaction is important. i.e. when animating lipsync etc. Has...
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    Synology NAS reviewers needed - You get to keep the device!

    As a 3D animator dealing with massive data sets and thousands of rendered frames, I would like to take the NAS through its paces.
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    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    Hikvision E1000 NVMe 1024GB capacity Hikvision C100; 1920GB capacity Hikvision E2000 3300MB/s read speed
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    iphone 4-stock list.

    Autopage cellular is a total Joke. I am upgrading my existing contract. I ordered a Iphone 4 as I was really impressed with my previous Iphone 3G. I placed my order with them in late October 2010. I have been patient as I know there have been stock issues, butI still have not received anything...