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    The backfiring of the EFF’s attempt to rain on the Boks’ – and SA’s – parade

    I see your idiocy stretches far. How many schools converted from Afrikaans only to English due to government pressure? What soon-to-be-built university hit the news for "racism" because it accommodates Afrikaans speaking people? What language is the most hated by English-only speaking white...
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    Which ISP do you use?

    I know it's state up front, that doesn't change that it is a CON about them, now does it? They charged me R110 setup fee, I was under the impression it is a setup fee in my home. Installing cables from the fibre point to where I want the phone to be. Only afterwards they told me it is the...
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    The backfiring of the EFF’s attempt to rain on the Boks’ – and SA’s – parade

    Afrikaner is Afrikaans speaking people? You know, one of the 11 official languages of South Africa. Also in that quote, they refer to COMMUNITIES, plural. Also also, Afrikaans is the most oppressed language in South Africa, that's why it's their main focus.
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    Which ISP do you use?

    Rocketnet, but I don't recommend them. They didn't offer to pay for any of the fees I'm responsible for, eg. Installation, activation. They also charged me R110 to set up my phone. It doesn't take a genius to switch a phone on and select a few options. I also get random disconnects and my wifi...
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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    Mine has to be 10 and 15 actually catching the ball more often in the last game compared to all their previous games.
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    Who would you vote for now?

    Why bunch FF+ with the rest? They're an Afrikaans speaking party supporting all demographics.
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    Impossible to Cancel Telkom & Get Refunds for Their Mistakes

    No further issues from Telkom? I ported by number but my ISP Rocketnet informed me I still need to cancel everything with Telkom even after they ported. So now I'm confused
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    Are your security cameras vulnerable to hacking?

    So much for SECURITY cameras.
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    5G issues.

    Sounds like they gave you the wrong antenna and it isn't 5g compatible.
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    Vodacom - Unauthorized billing for Vodafone Live

    Picked up last week that I was subscribed to an App called "Hooked" for R10 per day since July. Good to hear people got refunds last year, f'en Vodascum. I would've cancelled this rubbish long ago if I got push notifications, sms's, emails, ANYTHING, but they make sure to keep their scummy...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    The larger the planet, the higher the gravitational pull, the more thrust is needed to leave the atmosphere. If Earth was just slightly larger, our rockets won't be able to escape Earth's gravitational pull and we might be earth bound our entire existence, or until we one day discovered thrust...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    Sounds like you're the one seriously taking it not-serious and should get yourself checked. Fken hell, just read the Wiki it specifically states "It is more properly thought of as an approximation rather than as a serious attempt to determine a precise number". The serious part about the drake...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    I know all that, but if you look at the drake equation, and add gravity to the equation, I don't think life really formed prior to us due to the possibility of it. The drake equation estimates a minimum of 20 civilizations in the universe without gravity taken into the equation. That number imo...