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    DSTV Explora HDD size

    Normal Seagate Video 2 Tb. Mine broke, so I got a second hand Explora and swopped HDD. Worked like a charm. Actually cheapest way to get 2 Tb hdd.
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    Huawei B315 LTE Wi-Fi Router

    Both mine is -936
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    Huawei B315 LTE Wi-Fi Router

    Where do I see that?
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    Huawei B315 LTE Wi-Fi Router

    Item name : Huawei B315 LTE CPE Wi-Fi Router X 2 (White / Black, with two antennas) Age and condition: roughly 12 Months - it looks new Do you include packaging: Yes, original Warranty: Maybe with Huawei I think Reason for selling: Upgraded Price: R 800 Each Negotiable: No Location: Monument...
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    HiSense 65″ FLAT ULED SMART – M7000 | 65M7000UWG I have one. It is a fantastic TV. Feel free to visit me any time. Esquire in Midrand sell them fairly cheap.
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    NAS Reviewers needed - You get to keep the device

    Very keen. Has 1 X 6Tb and one X 8 Tb waiting, holding breath. In Pta
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    Nikon P900 Camera

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    3d Printers South Africa

    Contact these guys. Really good service.
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    Nikon P900 Camera

    Not fake. Check exif on pics!
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    Nikon P900 Camera

    More pics of moon in last month. All taken out of hand.
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    Nikon P900 Camera

    Check on pic of moon with this site:
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    Nikon P900 Camera

    Camera in perfect condition. No marks
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    Nikon P900 Camera

    Item name (be very descriptive): Nikon P900 with 32Gb high speed SD card & camera bag Age and condition: About 18 months Do you include packaging: Camera bag Warranty: No Personal 6 months Reason for selling: Need moolah Price: R6500 Negotiable: Very slightly Location: Pretoria East Shipping or...
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    Load shedding

    Got that, but trying to understand why I'm without power 3 times a day. FFS