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    Vodacom Uncapped Fibre Giveaway - Enter Now

    Super-fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity.
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    Do you think cigarette sales should be allowed?

    This ban is only benefiting are the criminals.
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    Do you support closing schools at the end of July?

    Treat it as a winter holiday and cancel September, December & January holidays.
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    Do you think comments below articles are valuable?

    It makes for lively and interesting debate that sometimes gets out of hand.
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    Makro Giveaway - Enter now and win R2,000 cash

    Skyworth 127 cm (50") Smart UHD Android TV for R5 999
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    Which lockdown restrictions should be lifted?

    Sale of all online items.
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    Are you a gamer?

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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    An integrated approach to archive, backup and recover data will reduce costs and risks, while enabling better continuity and resilience
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    KAB Technologies Ping 15 ms Download 16.92 Mbps Upload 7.89 Mbps