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    SA wonder plant removes more CO2 than Amazon

    There is one that is a creeping ground cover, but you wouldn't be able to walk on it, at least not easily.
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    SA wonder plant removes more CO2 than Amazon

    We have planted about 20 in our garden over the last few years. Apart from the usual kind (which grows to about 2-3 metres in Addo and is the basic elephant food there) there are ones with larger leaves (about the size of R2 coin) as well as creeping ground-cover plants with tiny leaves and the...
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    As, Because

    Apart from other issues, it needs to be 'it's' in these sentences, as (or because) you are writing the contraction of 'it is'. 'The dog wagged its tail' is correct.
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    As, Because

    It's useful to be able to write 'as' instead of 'because' if you want to start a sentence with the reason, perhaps for emphasis, and don't want to start with 'because' if your tone needs to be formal. E.g. As I was holding viennas, the printer slipped etc...
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    Woolworths Credit Card

    It seems Gmail has a problem with my WW CC statements. In November mine was delayed by about 9 days, and other times recently it has landed in my spam folder. Each time I have then marked it as not spam, and I have the email address from which it is sent in my contacts. Today it was in my inbox...
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    2019 Matric Results

    The Western Cape has done that for several years, AFAIK. It gives the principals a chance to check the results and see if there are glaring errors and identify pupils who might need support through the process.
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    Decent Coffee

    I guess the reason I haven't tried that method is because I only use my Aeropress when I am away from home and in places where mess would be inconvenient. I need to try it in our kitchen.
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    Decent Coffee

    Yes, I wondered about that when I read your post yesterday. Short-sighted on their part, I'd say.
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    Quality of vegetable and fruit from Food Lovers

    We still buy some things from F&V e.g. pockets of oranges when in season and it's next door to Builders, but I got so fed up with the poor quality that I'd rather pay the extra and buy from WW/PnP and know that it will taste good, last well and we won't need to feed half to our worm bin.
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    Decent Coffee

    For starters, the Aeropress isn't glass, so it is more easily (and safely) transportable. I have never yet had a decent cup of coffee from a plunger/French press i.e. without a bunch of grounds in the bottom of the cup or without a slightly stewed effect. With the Aeropress the almost boiling...
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    Decent Coffee

    I've had an Aeropress for over 10 years, used it every day at work, and always take it when I travel by car. A level Aeropress scoop of ground beans is my usual strength, but that might vary according to the particular coffee or the time of day. I normally grind enough for 3-4 days max, but if I...
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    Teachers pension (GEPF?)

    This is something the union the teacher belongs to would be able to give advice on. Get him/her to contact the union.
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    How to dispose of old paint

    Are you in Cape Town? CoCT has refuse transfer stations that accept various substances that should not be disposed of in your bin e.g. paint, household cleaners (as long as in the original labelled containers i.e. so properly identified), asbestos garden pots etc. Our closest one is next to the...
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    PE's Herald newspaper closing down for the holidays?

    Similar thing in Cape Town. Iqbal Surve's empire shutting down till Monday. So far. Not with a bang... as they say.
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    Can Anyone Else But You Collect Your ID At Home Affairs On Your Behalf?

    Yes, that was what the family member with the passport issue (thread a few weeks ago) was told. You have to collect an ID in person, but you have 6 years to collect.