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    A 20-hour non-stop flight is being tested to see if passengers can bear it

    The thing about those long-haul flights is that it's not only your reactions, but those of complete strangers in very close proximity, that are liable to go awry. We had a normally 14 hour flight from Sydney delayed by 5 hours, the last 3 or so of which was in a jam-packed plane sitting in the...
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    Bread, flatbread, pizza recipes.

    Yes, that just takes planning. Pizza-making around here tends to be more spur of the hour if not the moment. But I take your point.
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    Bread, flatbread, pizza recipes.

    Yes, sure, but we can put it in a bowl in a warm place to rise (as we always did before daughter emigrated and donated their breadmaker to us), and get going with the next batch. It's just a logistical issue.
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    Bread, flatbread, pizza recipes.

    Bits and pieces: If you make bread/pizza etc reasonably often, it's much cheaper to buy instant yeast in 'bulk' than those dinky 7g sachets. We buy Anchor instant yeast from our local baking supplies place at Access Park, about R40 for 500g. As long as you close the packet up tightly and put in...
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    Diy/backyard projects?

    Judging from the pics, unless the king is particularly slim in build, he won't fit in that throne. Or if he gets in he won't get out that easily, so it can safely be reserved for the slender queen of the home.
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    Diy/backyard projects?

    Wow, that looks like a throne!
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    What smartphone brand do you currently use?

    Nokia 6.1, had Nokia 6 before. Pure Android, good price.
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    dishwasher suggestions

    Our daughter in Aus has one that looks a similar size that is made to fit in a drawer i.e. it was top-opening. I was sceptical at first, but in many ways it makes sense, as you can make do with less stuff. What I don't know is how the water and electricity use compares to a normal-sized one...
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    dishwasher suggestions

    I'd try putting one that isn't your favourite in the DW and see what happens.
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    dishwasher suggestions

    We are in Cape Town. We bought our first dishwasher in 1978, and have been told by all the suppliers over the years that salt is not necessary as our water is soft at the coast. We've never used salt and had no ill effects. We do use rinse aid, otherwise things come out streaky. We've used loose...
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    Do you have fibre-to-the-home coverage where you live?

    Openserve, Claremont, Cape Town.
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    What age did you move out from your parents house ?

    17, after matric went to study in a different city, only came back for holidays after that. I had a bursary so was largely self-supporting from then on.
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    Discoverys new Chronic re-order policy

    Yes, I had this just over a month ago. We were leaving on an overseas trip on a Tuesday, so I tried to place the order on the website the previous Friday, which was after the 23 days before you can order, but 12 days short of when I had logged a script a year ago. No go, so I phoned to ask, and...