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    Why it is dangerous to just throw away old batteries and electronics in South Africa

    Woolworths does in Cape Town. We used the bins (just outside the entrance) at our local WW foods branch yesterday to dispose of old batteries and light bulbs. Never seen anything like that at PnP, though.
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    Yahoo (YMAIL) issues

    Yahoo Mail back up at last, mine down since yesterday morning.
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    Yahoo (YMAIL) issues

    So it's not only my (subsidiary email) account... I downloaded a Yahoo app on my phone, still no luck. Yet my boet says he gets in just fine. Something's broken somewhere.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Parking area near the Wynberg library? Hope no one was in that car!
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    Nedbank Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Groceries delivered. Many retailers, in one basket.
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    Garden refuse removal Cape Town?

    I had a good laugh - I should have said sort out. But yeah, when they get mushy bits of avo they come out and wave their thanks:),
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    Garden refuse removal Cape Town?

    We live in a so-called 'leafy suburb' and from May till now there are leaves everywhere. Lots of plane trees on the pavements and those leaves are tough.
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    Garden refuse removal Cape Town?

    Earthworms do absolutely fine for normal vege waste in my 14 years of experience, and I prefer to use indigenous worms. I understand the red wigglers come from Europe. I have no problem with earthworms making their way into our garden if some stay in the compost when I am swopping trays. The...
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    Garden refuse removal Cape Town?

    I've been doing that since the end of 2005, with earthworms. They sort almost all our fruit & vege waste, but they won't manage huge loads of grass clippings, tough leaves, branches etc. Earthworm compost is wonderful stuff. Leaves from our property we put in bags, add coffee grounds, water and...
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    Help Understanding Municipal Bill (COCT)

    Have a look under Meter Reading Results in your Water section. If you see 'Automatic estimation' (see the Snip below from ours) then you know that either they couldn't access your meter if it's inside your yard or else lockdown meant they didn't read and just did estimations. If your meter is...
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    Help Understanding Municipal Bill (COCT)

    I can't answer your first question, but in our area of CT they didn't do physical readings for April or May during Lockdown 5. If they read the meter it is shown as Actual, or if not then Estimated at the bottom on the last page of account. In our case our Estimated reading was way over what we...
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    Ceiling Crack

    Just make sure the house doesn't have any flat roof anywhere if you are looking to buy in Cape Town. Except maybe a carport. Flat roofs keep roof repair places in business.
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    Name the furniture shop in Cape Town

    How long ago? What kind of wood? Can you check your credit card records to find the name of the business?
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    How do you keep yourself busy during lockdown?

    Stuff around the house, gardening, reading, cryptic crosswords, we started a 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle we bought last year that will likely take the whole lockdown to finish. A chap in our 'hood entertains us each evening with music via his Juke (that's the term he uses) with big outdoor speakers...