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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    That's very weird..something is up with the FF network in PE for sure. This is mine at the moment. Vox - Greenshields Park
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Which ISP are you with?
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Since installation two weeks ago, my connection has been rock solid day and night. Vox/Frogfoot - Greenshields Park
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    Afrihost launches Pure Uncapped LTE

    I wonder how big the market is for this...Surely most people who can afford R3k a month on internet are living in area's with fibre coverage :D
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    Afrihost MTN Fixed LTE-A Thread

    Just a B525, no external antenna
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    Afrihost MTN Fixed LTE-A Thread

    Just hit a new high
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    Jumped on 4G Unlimited out of Desperation - The regret is REAL

    Activated my sim today. The tower I'm connected to doesn't seem to have 2600mhz either
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    Axxess MTN Fixed LTE.

    Have you changed the APN on your router to ws.axxess.fwa?
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    What happened to the reps?
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    20mbit adsl probably. 1 mbit upload
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    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    I got a letter two days ago from Frogfoot notifying me that fibre installation will take place in the next few weeks. I'm in Lorraine